Vice Chancellor's Message

Khawaja Shafaat Ahmad Bazaz (PhD, France)

Vice Chancellor

I feel very proud to lead a team of faculty with strong industrial and research linkages, professional staff members and other foreign experts along with our bright and shining students. Since its existence in 2001, SS-CASE-IT has always been an evolving institute making it a National Center of Higher learning in Pakistan. Our faculty members secured a funding of Rs 300 million from various funding organizations in Pakistan and had been on the technological forefront. Through our unique blend with CARE PVT LTD, we have been successful to convert Research into Commercialization as per the need of Pakistan in the area of Health Care, Defense, Telecomm and Power. Our students get the technological edge and the flavor of Entrepreneurship during the course of their studies. We are committed to provide professional training so that our graduates provide a strong leadership role in companies and organizations.

Quality education at SS-CASE-IT is depicted from the fact that our Electrical Engineering Program had been accredited under Washington Accord by Pakistan Engineering Council since 2015 paving path for our engineering graduates to directly enter in the job market of Technologically advanced countries. The accreditation of our Computer Science program in category 'W' from HEC is another mark of quality standard education at this Institute.

SS-CASE-IT has emerged as leading institute to provide quality education during Covid-19 Pandemic challenging circumstances. Our team has developed state-of-the-art lecture rooms for online delivery of lectures to provide class room environment for both teachers and Students. Moodle and Team software have been made integrated part of our online education delivery mechanism. We have also evolved our online EXAM mechanism to ensure the integrity of exams. Through these measures, we have not only maintained quality education but also ensured that no semester is delayed saving the precious time of students.

Our graduates have already taken important positions in various national and multinational organizations and have established their personal businesses. We are determined to make this institute a place where our graduates are not only the best choice of the organizations but also develop their own products to create jobs for a knowledge based economy.

I welcome the student to our new custom built campus recently constructed in the vicinity of Margalla hills, inside a beautiful modern housing society in Islamabad.