Our Vision & Mission

By disseminating world class Engineering & Management education, we strive to build an institution of learning where the top talent is attracted, groomed and developed to take leadership positions in the world. A culture of excellence and continuous improvement is our hallmark.

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Sir Syed Center for Advanced Studies in Engineering (SS‐CASE‐IT) Institute of Technology (SS‐CASE‐IT) became federally chartered degree awarding institute in year 2018.Providing quality higher education is not some thing new to SS‐CASE‐IT.Its history dates back to year 1998.SS‐CASE‐IT started its journey as an affiliated institute (CASE) with University of engineering and technology Taxila (UET Taxila).

Center for Advanced Studies in Engineering (CASE), had been a project of not‐for‐profit Engineering Education Trust (EET). It was in the January of 2001 when we formally talked about establishing CASE; an institution of higher technical learning in Pakistan. We debated on its feasibility and gauged our commitment to this national cause and identified the dissemination of advanced knowledge in engineering and management to our professional engineers and scientists as the need of the hour.

In 1998, a research and development organization named Communications Enabling Technologies (CET) Pakistan was established in Rawalpindi. Soon, CET headed by Dr. Shoab Ahmed Khan (Tamgha‐e‐Imtiaz) attracted some of the best professionals in Pakistan. Dr. Farrukh Kamran (Tamgha‐e‐Imtiaz), Dr. Saeed Ur Rahman, and Dr. Sohail Naqvi (Former Executive Director, HEC) joined CET in its early days and played a key role in establishing CASE. Later, this group was joined by more outstanding professionals like Dr. Syed Ismail Shah (Ex‐Chairman Pakistan Telecom Authority), Dr. Aamer Iqbal Bhatti, Dr. Amir Qayyum, Dr. Imtiaz A. Taj, Dr. Sheikh Muhammad Farhan, Saleem Ahmed Khan, Dr. Mohsin Rahmatullah, Hammad Ahmed Khan, Dr. Zaheer Ahmed and Durdana Habib. Engineering Education Trust (EET) was established in May 2001.

We take pride in starting CASE with graduate education and new research culture to bring Pakistan on the road to prosperity through a knowledge‐based economy by developing human resource in higher technical education.

UET Taxila granted affiliation of graduate program in Computer Engineering with 60 students. This led to the establishment of CASE on September 11, 2001 at Software Technology Park Islamabad. CASE was inaugurated by then the Federal Minister of Science and Technology Prof. Dr. Atta‐ur‐Rehman.

The institute had the support of an excellent teaching faculty of 10 PhDs and 8 MScs at that time. Later the new programs were established in following order:

  1. Due to overwhelming demand, CASE took the initiative of establishing the department of Engineering Management in Fall 2002 headed by Dr. Ali Sajid. In that year, 192 students registered in Computer Engineering and 41 students in Engineering Management. CASE programs attracted high quality graduate students.

  2. In 2004 the CASE decided to start its undergraduate program in Electrical Engineering with financial support from CARE (PVT) Ltd and got accredited from Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) before the graduation of its first batch in 2008.

  3. In fall 2008, BBA program was started to align engineering education with business development.

  4. After the successful establishment of the these programs, CASE gradually introduced various new programs in following years including Bachelor of Computer Science, Masters in Electrical Engineering, Masters in Software Engineering, Masters in Project Management, and Masters in Management.

Sir Syed CASE Institute of Technology: A Degree Awarding Federally Chartered

By the Grace of All Mighty Allah, Engineering Education Trust (EET) obtained the Federal charter for Sir Syed CASE Institute of Technology (SS‐CASE‐IT) on May 24, 2018 after tireless struggles of trustees of EET and commendable efforts of all present and past staff and faculty members of CASE.

Brig (R) Iqbal Shafi, Begum Majida Shafi, Dr Tahir Hussain, Dr Fatima Farhee Rehman, and many old Aligarians had a vision to transform CASE into Sir Syed CASE Institute of Technology to pass the message of our great leaders of Tehreek e Pakistan (Quaid e Azam, Allama Mohammad Iqbal,Sir Syed Ahmed Khan) to our youth and continue the mission of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan by spreading education in sciences and technology with a blend of Islamic teachings. Today, this institute is ready to achieve these goals.

CASE, therefore, has achieved a major milestone to enter into new era thus becoming a degree awarding multidisciplinary institute in Islamabad to meet the raising demand of world class university education in engineering, basic sciences and humanities on its campuses, in order to generate highly skilled and innovative young persons. SS‐CASE‐IT has succeeded CASE and all its programs, human resource and infrastructure are transferred in SS‐CASE‐IT.

New Purpose‐Built Campus, Multi Gardens, Sector B 17, Islamabad

SS‐CASE‐IT has recently built new purpose‐built Campus in the surroundings of scenic Margalla Hills inside beautifully constructed Multi Garden, Multi Professional Housing Society, Sector B 17, Islamabad.

Affiliation & Accreditation (UET)

UET Taxila affiliated Programs with CASE are managed by Sir Syed CASE Institute of Technology (CASE). Several Degrees earned at CASE are awarded by University of Engineering and Technology (UET), Taxila and recognized by Higher Education Commission (HEC), Government of Pakistan.

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering Program (Computer or Telecommunication) at CASE is accredited by Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) (from intake of Batch 2004 upto 2010). Accreditation is a continuous process and the next visit for Accreditation by PEC is scheduled during academic year 2014-15.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science program is accredited by National Computing Education and Accreditation Council of HEC.

Affiliation & Accreditation (QAU)

Quaid-i-Azam University (QAU) affiliated Programs are managed by Sir Syed CASE Institute of Technology (CASE). Few degrees earned at CASE are awarded by QAU, Islamabad and recognized by Higher Education Commission (HEC), Government of Pakistan.

Future Prospects

In future, CASE plans to commence numerous other undergrad and post grad programs in various disciplines. CASE also aims to further strengthen its focus on R&D, continuous quality improvement of existing degree programs and fulfillment of our core objectives.

In partnership with its constituencies, the few selected missions of CASE are as follows:

  1. To produce skilled, qualified, intellectually aware and eligible graduates possessing fundamental knowledge who can provide direction and service to the Nation and the World.

  2. To pursue effective research and new technologies in and across disciplines in order to serve the needs of industry, government, society, and the scientific community by expanding the body of knowledge in the field.

  3. To develop understanding with related industrial and government agencies in order to foster academic programs within CASE and ensure strengthening of respective disciplines within Pakistan.

  4. To achieve visibility by active participation in conferences and technical and community activities.

  5. To publish novel scientific articles related to various disciplines offered at CASE.

  6. To constantly improve education at CASE, forever.