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Sir Syed CASE Institute of Technology
Student Societies / Clubs
Various clubs and societies have been formulated. These clubs and societies are supported with financial assistance to help and promote various sports and social activities on campus. Following is a description of several of such clubs and societies.

IEEE SS-CASE-IT Student Branch

IEEE SS-CASE-IT Student Branch Challenges your competencies and knowledge at technical and social level to enhance your skill sets. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (IEEE) main motive is "Advancing technology for humanity" and we are providing platform to the students to learn new technologies through workshops and seminars and to intensify the knowledge and communications skills of students. We arrange conferences to promote research culture among students. We also arrange industrial visits to fill up the gap between industry and academia. WIE (Women in Engineering) is an affinity group of IEEE SS-CASE-IT STUDENT BRANCH that aims to empower and promote participation of women in Engineering


Adventure Club

Adventure Club believes that a person is incomplete without adventure and experience that can be achieved through exploring the diversity of land and culture. The idea for having an adventure club is to provide an opportunity to the students to escape from the daily routine of the busy campus life and be able to enjoy the wilderness and natural resources of Mother Nature. The adventure club will organize hiking, jogging, boating and excursion trips; the students will be encouraged to actively participate in these physical activities.


Arts Society

The Arts Society has been formed to promote arts and culture. There is a popular saying that there is a hidden artist inside every person. If that artist is not discovered then he is lost and this is precisely the aim of the arts society not to let that artist disappear. The society arranges sketching and poster competitions, declamation contests, hold debates and discussions, organize BAET-BAZI sessions and such other activities. The society also holds auditions to discover various talents in students and to boast their confidence to perform in front of people.


Sports Club

Good athletes are harder to nourish than to discover. The sports club at SS-CASE-IT has decided to undertake both these tasks simultaneously. The sports club has been formed to make proper institute level teams for several sports activities. The ultimate aim of the sports club is to have CASE recognized as an institute, which not only produces the best graduates but also the best athletes with good sportsman spirit.


Electronics Society

Electronics society is responsible for promoting inters in the design of electronic systems by arranging on-campus exhibitions and competitions. The society also arranges the short workshops, seminars and lectures to acquaint our students with latest trends in the rapidly growing and vast field of analog and digital electronics. Another aim of this society is to provide the students a platform where the students can practice/improve their practical skills for designing, building and troubleshooting the electronics prototypes and gadgets. The society has a small workshop equipped with a variety of tools including a small drill machine, etching and soldering stations.


CRG (CASE Robotics Group)

CRG was formed in late 2008 and is responsible to promote robotics not only within CASE but all around Pakistan. Faculty members and young engineers at CRG have developed some amazing systems in the recent past. CRG has also been a winner at the National Engineering Robotics Competition (NERC); organized by EME College, NUST, by winning the title; two consecutive times i.e. in 2009 and 2010. More than 150 teams from 35 institutes of Pakistan were present in NERC 2010 last year. Our robotics based Final Year Project (FYP) named 'Ayaan Rover' has also brought colors to CASE by winning the 1st prize at the All-Pakistan FYP exhibition called NASCON 2010 (organized by NU-FAST Islamabad) and 1st Runners-up at the EMCOT 2010 (organized by CIIT, Abbottabad). After 2 consecutive seasons of unprecedented success, CRG is now geared up to win ROBOCON 2011.


Thinkers Forum

The forum will aim to promote awareness in the student community about all topics of their concern. It will help and encourage students to present their views and ideas, shape their opinions with facts and knowledge, accept and honor the views of others and have sense to participate in healthy discussions. The forum will arrange discussions and seminars on a variety of topics and invite scholars and thinkers of national repute to come and share their views with the SS-CASE-IT community.


CASE Entrepreneurship Society (CES)

We at the CASE Business Program have been encouraged by our recent performance at the INVENT 2010 and 2011 a National level competition held under the auspices of the Society of Entrepreneurship-IBA Karachi. We do sincerely believe that the way forward for the youth in Pakistan is to embrace without qualification the mindset of an entrepreneur. This quest has led us to the establishment of CASE Entrepreneurship Society “CES” under the umbrella of CASE Business Program. The recently concluded CASE Spark 2011 was held under the auspices of the Society.