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Sir Syed CASE Institute of Technology
Research @ SS-CASE-IT
Scholarships For Graduate Programs

We are offering scholarships for full time MS students in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science Programs in the following areas of:
MEMS (Micro Electrical Mechanical System) / Chip Design
High Speed Networks / Cyber Security
Wireless Communication, Embedded Systems, Digital Design & Software Defined Radio

Graduate Admission Committee will select the candidate for final award of scholarships.


Sir Syed CASE Institute of Technology (SS-CASE-IT) is committed to advance the research in engineering domain and to empower its students to realize their full potential while working in advanced technological domains. The institute's programs in electrical engineering and engineering management have the distinction of preparing researchers with sound knowledge, professional approach and innovative thoughts. The entire faculty is itself deeply involved in hi-tech R & D projects and provides a role model of academia-industry partnership. SS-CASE-IT is proud to be the pioneer in presenting this model and always emphasizes this as a special feature of its educational environment.

Post Graduate(Doctorial) Research Program

Ph.D. research program at SS-CASE-IT aims to enhance student’s academic knowledge and professional expertise, by developing an effective research training system; thereby enhancing economic development, international competitiveness and accomplishment of collective goals. The research @ SS-CASE-IT is conducted in strong collaboration with CARE (Center for Advanced Researhch in Engineering).

Our faculty brings to the classroom extensive instructional and research experience that contribute to the dynamic learning experience that is found in SS-CASE-IT. The students work closely with SS-CASE-IT faculty members who can provide strong guidance in their area of expertise and hence help students to work on projects employing cutting-edge technology.

Research Groups of SS-CASE-IT
Group Name Director  
MEMS & Chip Design Group Dr. Shafaat Ahmed Bazaz Read More
CASE Robotics Group Mr. Waqas ur Rehman Read More
Wireless Communication & Networks Group Dr. Danish Nisar Read More
Intelligent Systems Group Dr. Qaisar Shafi Read More
Energy Systems Group Dr. Abdul Khaliq
Networks & Cyber Security Group Mr. Najam us Siraj
CASE Software Development Group Mr. Adeel Shabir / Mr. Ali Masood
SS‐CASE‐IT Research & Funding Portfolio for 2018‐19
Year 2018‐2019 was an excellent year for SS‐CASE‐IT Researchers and Scientists where they attracted R&D funding worth of Rs 200 Million from Planning Commission/HEC, Ignite R&D Fund, NESCOM to establish National centre of excellences and labs. These centres and labs will attract more than top 200 scientists, Ph.D. and MSc scholars, engineers, Students, technicians, professional from management and business on the development of various products of national interest in the area of defence, industrial automation, health care, banking sector and agriculture. SS‐CASE‐IT Students from Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Business will have excellent opportunity of working in these labs to hone on there respective skill sets by learning from the state‐of‐the‐art technologies.
  • High Speed Network, Cyber Security:
    • Team Lead: Dr . AneesUllah and Mr. M.N. Siraj
    • Amount of Funding: Rs 77 Million
    • Funding Agency: Planning Commission of Pakistan, HEC
    • Research & Development Activities: Development of High speed security solution for both large and small enterprises. The security solution will provide packet processing and capturing speed up to 10 Gbps. The main activities carried out under the lab will include Deep packet Inspection (DPI) engine, IP data records and L7 context‐aware content extraction for Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) that can be deployed at the national internet backbone.

  • MEMS / Chip Design
    • Team Lead: Dr Shafaat Ahmed Bazaz.
    • Amount of Funding: Rs 75 Million.
    • Funding Agency: Planning Commission of Pakistan, HEC.
    • Research & Development Activities: Development of MEMS Based Micro grippers for medical applications, accelerometer and gyroscope for Inertial, Energy Harvesting and Automotive applications. In addition, development of Capacitive to Voltage circuitry, Signal processing and other associated electronics for these MEMS devices. A MEMS cell library will be created to host MEMS and Microchiop designs of other Pakistani Universities thus making it a national center of Chip design.
      Read More

  • National Center for Excellence in Swarm Robotics:
    • Team Lead: Dr Mansoor Shaukat
    • Members: Dr. Danish Nisar and Dr. Amanullah Yasin
    • Amount of Funding: Rs 79 Million
    • Funding Agency: Higher Commission of Pakistan (HEC)
    • Research & Development Activities: To establish a scaling solution for NCRA by providing an application agnostic swarm intelligence platform. The lab is composed of three sublabs, i.e., Swarm Intelligence Lab, Computer Vision and AI Lab and Decentralized Communications Lab. The most important aspect of this lab would be to generate a generic scaling solution that would work for any kind of application that is able to benefit from a multi‐agent robotic system in an optimal way. Such an undertaking will be achieved using the state‐of‐the‐art swarm intelligence algorithms. Key Application areas are: Disaster Management, Water Quality Monitoring and Intelligent Video Surveillance.

  • 5G Air-Interface Testbed for Software Defined Radio Lab
    • Team Lead: Dr. Danish Nisar
    • Amount of Funding: Rs 20 Million
    • Funding Agency: Ignite R & D Fund
    • Research & Development Activities: Aims to develop the first 5G Air‐Interface Testbed in Pakistan. We will be implementing the advanced 5G communication techniques such as filter‐bank multi‐carrier and massive MIMO processing on high‐end digital processing platforms interfaced with 5G‐capable multi‐antenna RF front‐ends. The 5G‐SDR project not only instills the passion of applied 5G research in the undergraduate and postgraduate students at CASE, but also in collaboration with CARE – the industrial partner, packages it into a commercially sellable tactical communication waveform for the national and regional defense forces.
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  • Industrial automation and robotics Lab
    • Mr Waqas u Rehman, NESCOM, Rs 2.3 Million),
    • Funding Agency: NESCOM
    • Research & Development Activities: The core purpose of the lab is to provide state of the art research, targeted at product development. Electrical Engineering students and faculty is fully engaged in a quality research in coordination with national and multinational organizations. Industry funded projects, serves as a life‐line for productoriented approach. Lab is also actively involved with NESCOM, PAC KAMRAH, CARE and other national organizations under national research and collaboration fund.