Federally Chartered Degree Awarding Institute Recognized by HEC

Sir Syed CASE Institute of Technology
Board of Governors
  1. Dr Shafaat Ahmed Bazaz ,Vice Chancellor / Chairman of BoG
  2. Dr. Farrukh Kamran, Member
  3. Mr Naveed Ullah Khan, Member
  4. Dr. Nadeem Ehsan, Member
  5. Dr. Shaukat Hameed, Member
  6. Dr. Tahir Zaidi , Member
  7. Dr. Noaman Ahmed Khan, Member
  8. Dr. Muhammad Umar, Member
  9. Brig (R) Rafi Udin, Member
  10. Engr. Saleem A Khan, Registrar (Secretary)
Names to be appointed by the respective organizations:

  1. Nominee of Ministry of Education
  2. Nominee of Ministry of Science & Technology
  3. Nominee of HEC not below the rank of BPS-20
Academic Council
  1. Dr. Shafaat Ahmed Bazaz ,Vice Chancellor / Chairperson of Academic Council
  2. Dr. Nadeem Ehsan, Acting Dean Faculty of Management Sciences (Member)
  3. Brig (R) Rafi Uddin, Member
  4. Dr. Noaman Ahmed Khan, Member
  5. Dr. Muhammad Umer, Member
  6. Prof. Dr. Abdul Khaliq, Member
  7. Associate Prof. Dr. Danish M. Nasir, Member
  8. Assistant Professor. Mobashir Sadiq
  9. Engr. Hammad A. Khan, (Member, CARE PVT Ltd in the field of Engineering)
  10. Dr. Habbibullah Jamal, Member, Professor at GIKI)
  11. Mr. Mohsin Muslim, Member, Gallup International in the field of Arts
  12. Assistant Professor Mr. Najamus Siraj, Member
  13. Lecturer Mr. Ali Masood, Member
  14. Lecturer Ms. Shagufta Umar, Member
  15. Engr. Saleem A Khan, Registrar (Secretary)