Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Team Startup Guide for Teachers

  1. Download Microsoft Teams on your computer from below link.
    Use Office 365 Online using below link
    Click here for online Office 365 use

  2. Signup on Microsoft platform using official SS-CASE-IT Email address by clicking on below link.
    Note: Any other email address will not work.

  3. Enter your CASE email address and click signup

  4. Click on “I am a teacher” for both faculty and staff.

  5. Enter your information on below screen including verification code sent by Microsoft on your email address.

  6. Open Microsoft Teams Software and Login.

  7. You can register students in your Microsoft teams course using CASE official email address assigned to them.

    You can find students CASE email address list from attendance sheet (faculty portal)

  8. In case of any problem contact media department person to help you for setting up your course.

For Training Watch Video

How to prevent students from removing and muting others in Microsoft Teams
Click here to download