Department of Management Sciences

Master of Science in Project Management

Brief Introduction of the Program

This program focuses distinctly on individual’s Project Management capabilities, skill building and conceptual understanding from basic to advanced level concepts (related to Project Management).

Objectives of the Program

This thirty credit hour graduate program is conducted in the evening and weekends. Various organizations rely heavily on project managers so that projects flow seamlessly and the timeline, scope, and budget goals are met. With the increase in project-based work methods to accomplish tasks, experienced project managers are in higher demand. When you earn a master’s degree in project management, you possess a skill set necessary for project management valued by companies in virtually every industry. The purpose of the program thus is to produce high quality project managers for various local and international industries and to enable the students to develop solid base for doctoral level education in Project Management discipline.

Scope Regarding Market, Social and Employment Perspective of Program:

This program is unique as it prepares the future technical leadership of Pakistan for challenging roles throughout the technical domains. Be it Government organizations or private corporate technical concerns, you always require a blend of sound technical knowledge and savvy business acumen to steer the organizations forward. The role of technocrats in Pakistan is now swiftly changing from mere technical management to providing leadership and vision to Pakistani industry. This course has a proven track record of nearly two decades which speaks of its alumni being currently serving at key decision making positions throughout Pakistan and abroad.

Eligibility Criteria
  1. This program is open for students with 16 years of formal education in any discipline from a HEC recognized university with 2.00 CGPA or 55% marks.

  2. A minimum score of 50% in local test conducted by SS-CASE-IT or NTS GAT with 50% score is compulsory for acceptance to the program.

  3. All candidates must complete any other requirement of HEC and SS-CASE-IT for admissions.

  4. The SS-CASE-IT Admission Committee will forwarded the admission cases to registration branch for obtaining the Enrolment/Registration Number.

Semester Wise break-up of credit hours

Category Credit Requirement
(With Thesis Option)
Credit Requirement
(With Non- Thesis Option)
Core Courses 15 15
Optional Courses 09 15
Postgraduate Research Thesis 06 0
Total Hours Required 30 30

Credit Hours Requirements


Credit Requirement

(With Thesis Option)

Credit Requirement

(With Non- Thesis Option)


09 (Maximum)

09 (Maximum)


09 (Maximum)

09 (Maximum)


Curriculum of the Program

(All Courses other than research thesis carry 3 credit hours; Research Thesis carries 6 credit hours)

Core Courses

Course No

 Course Title (All courses are of three credit hours)

PM - 6101

 Computer Applications in Project Management

PM - 6102

 Human Resource Management for Project Managers

PM - 6103

 Advanced Project Management

PM - 6104

 Financial Analysis of Projects

PM - 6105

 Research Methodology for Managers


Optional Courses

Course No

Course Title (All courses are of three credit hours)

PM - 6141

 Project Management and Industrial Engineering Economics

PM - 6142

 Cost Benefit Analysis in Project Management

PM - 6143

 Economics of Project Management

PM - 6144

 Statistical Process Control

PM - 6111

 Quality Management in Projects

PM - 6112

 Contract Management in Projects

PM - 6113

 Project Management Maturity Model

PM - 6118

 Supply Chain in Project Management

PM - 6121

 Knowledge Management

PM - 6122

 Conflict Management in Projects

PM - 6127

 Design of Experiment

PM - 6128

 Mathematical Modeling and Optimization

PM - 6130

 Quantitative and Qualitative Methods

PM - 6131

 Project Management Risk & Quality Management

PM - 6132

 Program and Portfolio Management


PM - 6133

 Software/IT Project Management


PM - 6134

 Project Monitoring Evaluation and Control

PM - 6135

 Management of Government Projects

PM - 6136

 Project Manager Competency Development

PM - 6106

 Telecom Business Management

PM - 6107

 Technology and Entrepreneurship

PM - 6108

 Technology Management

PM - 6109

 Transfer of Technology

PM - 6110

 Business Process Re-Engineering

PM - 6114

 Consumer Relationship Management

PM - 6115

 Corporate Social Responsibility

PM - 6116

 Enterprise Resource Planning

PM - 6117

 Production and Operations Management

PM - 6119

 Managing Organizational Change in Technical Organizations

PM - 6120

 Data Mining

PM - 6123

 Operations Management

PM - 6124

 Problem Solving and Decision Making

PM - 6125

 Construction Management

PM - 6126

 Advanced Strategic Management

PM - 6129

 Organization Behavior 

PM - 6137

 Business Studies in Marketing

PM - 6138

 Business and Commercial Law

PM - 6139

 Professional Ethics

PM - 6140

 Business Studies in Finance

PM - 6999

 MS Thesis (Compulsory)