Wireless Communications and Networks Group

About Us

Welcome to the Wireless Communications and Networks Group (WCNG) section. WCNG focuses on research, teaching and innovation in all aspects of wireless communication systems and networks. The research fields are application oriented that get the inspiration from the need and the technological evolution in the field of wireless communications.

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop an energetic, focused and collaborative environment for learning and research as well as an effective teaching program on wireless communication and networking.

Our Objective

The research objective is to carry out comprehensive study and investigations for the development of novel methods and algorithms under a mathematical framework verified through simulations and experimental setup.

Group Research Areas

Our research areas span modern wireless communication systems, mobile and sensor networks. Some of our focus areas are:

  1. Multi-carrier and multi-antenna wireless communications (OFDM, FBMC, GFDM, and Massive MIMO systems)
  2. Resource management for Device-to-Device (D2D) communications in 5G cellular networks
  3. Interference management and coordination for wireless mobile networks and satellite communication
  4. Cooperative communicationsvia Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning based approaches
  5. Software Defined Radios (SDR) for Military Tactical Communication Networks
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Ongoing funding
  1. 5G-SDR: A Flexible Solution for Tactical Communications: The project with a funding of 26 million PKR by IGNITE, National Technology Fund, aims to develop the first 5G Air‐Interface testbed in Pakistan. We will be implementing the advanced 5G communication techniques such as filter‐bank multi‐carrier and massive MIMO processing on high‐end digital processing platforms interfaced with 5G‐capable multi‐antenna RF front‐ends. The 5G‐SDR project not only instills the passion of applied 5G research in the undergraduate and postgraduate students at CASE, but also in collaboration with CARE – the industrial partner, packages it into a commercially sellable tactical communication waveform for the national and regional defense forces. Link: http://www.case.edu.pk/Research/5gSDR.aspx
  2. Decentralized Communications for Swarm Robotics Lab: The swarm robotics lab with funding of 79 million PKR under National Center for Robotics and Automation from Higher Commission of Pakistan (HEC) aims to establish a scaling solution by providing an application agnostic swarm intelligence platform. The lab is composed of three sublabs, i.e., Swarm Intelligence Lab, Computer Vision and AI Lab and Decentralized Communications Lab. The most important aspect of this lab would be to generate a generic scaling solution that would work for any kind of application that is able to benefit from a multi‐agent robotic system in an optimal way. Such an undertaking will be achieved using the state‐of‐the‐art swarm intelligence algorithms. Key Application areas are: Disaster Management, Water Quality Monitoring and Intelligent Video Surveillance. Link: https://www.uettaxila.edu.pk/CPED/SwarmRoboticsLab.asp
Past Projects
  1. An early flood warning and management system (National Grassroots ICT Research Initiative):The model demonstrates the use of the ESP32 development board to gather data from the sensors on precipitation, water flow and water level. The raw data is transmitted to the IoT platform using a 4G device connected to the ESP microcontroller where it is processed using an online IOT platform based on the algorithm developed in MATLAB, after which the warning alert is sent to the community. The end users are also provided with an android application to monitor the flood risk situation in real time. (The IEEE paper has passed the review stage and has been accepted in the conference for publication)
  2. Multi-Antenna Diversity Demonstration using Ettus Research USRP Platforms (CARE Pvt. Ltd.): Findings and results published in IEEE conference (Please refer to the list of publications)
Other Projects
  1. Improving spectral efficiency of Device to Device cellular networks:Since cellular spectrum is scarce and expansive, the idea is to come up with spectrally efficient resource allocation algorithms that demonstrate high spectral efficiencies compared to the state of the art.
  2. Interference management in Wireless AdHoc networks:Managing Interference for a decentralized network such as an adhoc network poses a huge challenge. The project involved study of interference models using stochastic geometry of network nodes and computation of various system parameters such as outage probabilities, signal to interference ratio, transmission capacities with outage constraints.
  3. OFDM Modem Design incorporating IEEE 802.11a standard and performancecomparison over various channel conditions on MATLAB:The project involved the implementation of basic OFDM physical layer design and comparison of various BER vs SNR performance curves under different channel conditions.
  4. Mathematical Modeling of wireless channel precoder design that maximizes the capacity: In this project, a mathematical model had developed to design a precoder that maximizes the capacity of block-based/MIMO system assuming perfect channel state information is available at the transmitter side.
  5. A low Power Analog Amateur Wideband FM Transceiver design with a carrier tuning range of 10 MHz – 30 MHz:The project involved the hardware implementation of an Amateur Wideband FM Transceiver that is able to transmit and receive the voice data over 1km radius with acceptable SNR.
Current Publications
  1. Waqas Anjum and M. Danish Nisar, “On the Optimum Preamble Design for Channel Estimation in FBMC-OQAM Systems”, accepted for publication in 28th IEEE International Symposium on Personal, Indoor and Mobile Radio Communications (PIMRC-2017), Montreal, Canada, October 2017.
  2. Matihullah, Huzaifa Khan, Usama Sharif, and M. Danish Nisar, “Multi Antenna Diversity Demonstration via Alamouti Scheme on USRP Boards”, accepted for publication in International Symposium on Wireless Systems and Networks (ISWSN-2017), Lahore, November 2017.
  3. Afifa Ishtiaq, Atif Javed, Arslan Akhtar, Usama Bin Zulfiqar, and M. Danish Nisar, “Efficient Implementation of OFDM Waveform on Xilinx FPGA”, accepted for publication in International Symposium on Wireless Systems and Networks (ISWSN-2017), Lahore, November 2017.
  4. Ni. Qiang; Jehanzeb ; Zhang Yang; Guan Sheng-Uei;“A Minimum Distance guided Genetic Algorithm for Multi-User Detection in a Multi-Carrier CDMA wireless broadband system”, Broadband Communications, Networks and Systems, 2008, BROADNETS 2008 UK. 5th International Conference on 8-11 Sept. 2008 Page(s): 500 – 505
Prior Publications
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Conference Publications
  1. Thiago M. de Moraes, Arturo A. Gonzalez, M. Danish Nisar, Eiko Seidel. "QoS-aware Resource Allocation for In-band Relaying in LTE-Advanced", received "Best Paper Award" in the Eighth International Conference on Wireless and Mobile Communications, ICWMC 2012, Venice, Italy, June 2012.
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