Federally Chartered Degree Awarding Institute Recognized by HEC

Sir Syed CASE Institute of Technology
Ph.D. in Management Sciences
( PhD MS )

This PhD program at SS-CASE-IT is an extensive program that requires the student to exhibit outstanding research capabilities. The degree program specially focuses on research in the field of Management. The program is meant to address applied problems concerning management in local industry. The program is aimed to provide greater liaison between industry and academia through problem solving and research. The program also aims to address managerial issues hindering national industrial capability development.

Students aspiring to be researchers in this program must have exceptional research capabilities with strong academic and applied knowledge. The program ensures highest level of research outputs by enforcing exceptional quality measures at program milestones such as admission, course work completion, doctoral qualifying exam, proposal defense, final defense, publications fulfillment and various formal and informal reviews.


  1. Being PhD scholar at SS-CASE-IT, students have to fulfill additional requirements imposed by thedepartment to meet various program tasks and milestones. Details of these additional requirements are available with the department office.
  2. PhD Admissions are offered subject to the availability of the supervisors in the desired area of research in the Department.

  1. Four year Bachelor’s degree or equivalent and an MS/MPhil degree in Management or close by discipline (minimum 18 years of formal education).
  2. A minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 3.00/4.00 (or 70%) in the MS degree is required.
  3. All candidates must complete any other requirement from HEC and SS-CASE-IT.
  4. Admissions in PhD program is granted after written test and oral interview.
  5. Final selection is made by Board of Advanced Studies at SS-CASE-IT.
Category Credit Requirement
Core Courses 09
Optional Courses 09
Postgraduate Research Thesis 30 (Minimum)
Total Hours Required 48 (Minimum)
Degree Requirements
  1. Completion of course works with 3.5 CGPA (18 Credit Hours after PhD admission).
  2. Passing Qualifying / Comprehensive Examination.
  3. Qualifying Proposal Defense.
  4. At least one publication in ISI INDEXED IMPACT FACTOR JOURNAL from HEC approved list
    Two publications:
    • One in HEC approved journals and
    • Second in Scoupus indexed journals.
  5. Successful Pre-Final Defense of thesis before foreign evaluation
  6. Satisfactory reviews from two experts from technologically / academically advanced countries.
  7. Successful Final Defense of thesis written in the prescribed format.
  • Minimum 3 Years (6 semesters)
  • Maximum 6 Years (With 2 - One Year Extensions)
Core Courses
  • MM - 8101 Quantitative and Qualitative Methods
  • MM - 8102 Research Methodology for Managers
  • MM - 8103 Academic Writing for Managers
Elective Courses
Students have to take remaining courses from the following list.

  • MM - 8104 Telecom Business Management
  • MM - 8105 Technology and Entrepreneurship
  • MM - 8106 Technology Management
  • MM - 8107 Transfer of Technology
  • MM - 8108 Business Process Re-Engineering
  • MM - 8109 Total Quality Management
  • MM - 8110 Contract Management
  • MM - 8111 Project Management Maturity Model
  • MM - 8112 Consumer Relationship Management
  • MM - 8113 Corporate Social Responsibility
  • MM - 8114 Enterprise Resource Planning
  • MM - 8115 Production and Operations Management
  • MM - 8116 Supply Chain Management
  • MM - 8117 Managing Organizational Change in Technical Organizations
  • MM - 8118 Data Mining
  • MM - 8119 Knowledge Management
  • MM - 8120 Conflict Management
  • MM - 8121 Operations Management
  • MM - 8122 Problem Solving and Decision Making
  • MM - 8123 Construction Management
  • MM - 8124 Advanced Strategic Management
  • MM - 8125 Design of Experiment
  • MM - 8126 Mathematical Modeling and Optimization
  • MM - 8127 Organization Behavior
  • MM - 8128 Risk Management
  • MM - 8999 Dissertation Research (PhD Thesis)
Note: Students can take these courses subject to department guidelines issued every semester within time table.