Federally Chartered Degree Awarding Institute Recognized by HEC

Sir Syed CASE Institute of Technology
Bachelors of Science in Accounting and Finance
( BS AF- 4 Years )
BSAF Program is tailored for the students who have completed 12 years of education (HSSC or equivalent)and are looking for Certifications of Professional accounting bodies, as well as for industry and public accounting practices. BSAF degree holders will be eligible for admission in MBA or MS/M.Phil programs. Our 4 Years BSAF Program consists of 141 credit hours in line with the policy of HEC.
Program Mission Statement
The mission of Bachelors of Science in Accounting and Finance (BSAF) is to to strength students’ academic level by enhancing required skillset while making them understand their Professional Responsibility. Students will get an insight into real world scenarios/case studies which are hall mark of our academic excellence.
Learning Environment Objectives
To prepare students for Certifications of Professional accounting bodies, as well as for industry and public accounting practices.
Intellectual Contributions Objectives
To apply such innovative teaching methods and practices that may brighten both academic and professional growth of faculty.
Service Objectives
To serve society, academia and business world through active participation and dynamic leadership.
Program Eligibility
  • At least 45% marks in SSC (Matric) or an equivalent examination AND
  • At least 45% marks in HSSC or an equivalent examination.
Program Selection Criteria
Admission on the basis of :
  • Merit List calculations are based upon 10% for metric/O levels marks, 40% for intermediate (F.A, F.Sc. I.Com or A levels) marks and 50% of SS CASE IT Admission Test.
  • Cut-off marks to be determined by the University.
Program Degree Requirements
For the award of BS (Accounting & Finance) degree, a student must have:
  • Passed courses totaling at least 144 credit hours, including all those courses which have been specified as Core courses.
  • Obtained a CGPA of at least 2.00
  • Completed business internship of 6-8 weeks
Program Duration
  • Minimum: 4 years (8 semesters)
  • Maximum: 6 Years (With One Year Extension)
Semester-wise Breakup of BSAF(Bachelorsof Science in Accounting and Finance)
Semester - I
Code Title Credit Hours
HU-1201 Mercantile Law3
HU-1001 Functional English3
HU-1202 Introduction to Psychology3
SC-1401 Introduction to Quantitative Techniques3
AF-1101 Fundamentals of Accounting3
MS-1401 Introduction to IT3
Total Credit Hours 18
Semester - II
Code Title Credit Hours
AF-1103 Principles of Taxation3
HU-1101 Islamic Studies and Ethics3
HU-1203 Introduction to Economics3
SC-1402 Advanced Quantitative Techniques3
AF-1102 Financial Accounting3
HU-1204 Company Law3
Total Credit Hours 18
Semester - III
Code Title Credit Hours
HU-2401 Presentation Skills3
AF-2104 Financial Reporting-13
AF-2105 Introduction to Audit3
AF-2106 Cost Accounting3
AF-2107 Intermediate Taxation3
MS-2101 Fundamentals of Management3
Total Credit Hours 18
Semester - IV
Code Title Credit Hours
AF-2108 Management Accounting3
AF-2109 Financial Reporting-23
HU-2402 Report Writing3
HU-2205 Introduction to Psychology3
AF-2110 Advanced Audit3
HU-2403 Business Communication3
Total Credit Hours 18
Semester - V
Code Title Credit Hours
HU-3206 Intermediate Economics3
MS-1301 Principles of Marketing3
AF-3201 Introduction to Business Finance3
MS-3201 Organizational Behavior3
AF-3111 Advanced Financial Reporting-13
HU-3207 Research Methods3
Total Credit Hours 18
Semester - VI
Code Title Credit Hours
AF-3113 Advanced Taxation-13
AF-3202 Financial Management3
MS-3202 Human Resource Management3
AF-3114 Internal Control Systems3
AF-3112 Advanced Financial Reporting-23
Elective Course-13
Total Credit Hours 18
Semester - VII
Code Title Credit Hours
AF-4115 Advance Taxation-23
MS-4102 Project Management3
MS-4103 Entrepreneurship3
HU-4208 Advanced Company Law-13
Elective Course-23
Elective Course-33
Total Credit Hours 18
Semester - VIII
Code Title Credit Hours
MS-4104 Strategic Management3
HU-4209 Advanced Company Law-23
HU-4102 Pakistan Studies3
HU-4210 Business Ethics3
Elective Course-43
Elective Course-53
Total Credit Hours 18
Elective Courses for Semester VI
Stream/Specialization Code Title
FinanceAF-3203Investment and Portfolio Management
AF-3204 Financial Econometrics
AF-3205 Financial Modeling
Elective Courses for Semester VII
Stream/Specialization Code Title
AccountingAF-4117Advanced Internal Control
AF-4118 Accounting Applications with SAP/ORACLE
AF-4119 Forensic Accounting
AF-4120 Business Analysis and Decision Making
FinanceAF-4206Strategic Financial Management
AF-4207 Financial Derivatives
AF-4208 Case Studies In Financial Management
Elective Courses for Semester VIII
Stream/Specialization Code Title
FinanceAF-4209Corporate Governess Law
AF-4210 Corporate Finance
AF-4211 Hedge Funds and Alternative Investment