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Sir Syed CASE Institute of Technology
Semester Project Exhibition
The advancement of technology more than any other factor has brought stupendous, sensational and spectacular changes not only on the material aspects of human life but also on man’s mental attitude. To enhance the students’ abilities and motivate their persons, CPG, CRG & CCNSG have decided to hold an exhibition within university campus. The Semester Project Exhibition which will give an opportunity to display top 10 semester projects which hardworking and talented students have made in various courses .It is to cause tremendous impact and profound influence on other students.
The exhibition will be held on 04 February 2013. Winners of each course will be given a Shield of appreciation along with certificates. Not only this, the best project and the names of the group members will be displayed on the board of exhibition hall.
Curiosity is one of the in satiable characteristic of human being. Human being in all ages wanted to know about things, places natural and supernatural phenomena, so CPG, CRG and CCNSG have provided platform to all the students of CASE to present their projects. Let’s all come and gather under one roof to see how these projects have been used in our lives.
RESULTS - Semester Project Exhibition
An idea is of no use till it is brought out of the mind. And any hard work or research is of no use until it is brought out of the laboratory. To make your effort fruitful it is necessary to share your ideas with the rest of the world.
Batch 2012-11-10 & 09 , of Sir Syed CASE Institute of Technology displayed their semester projects on 4th February 2012 at case, in the semester project exhibition that was organized by CPG (case programmers group). It was a very healthy activity as it not only provided the visiting students to get knowledge of different ideas but also encouraged the participants to increase their communicating ability by explaining their work , and floating their ideas to the visitors. Students showed great interest and anxiousness in the exhibition. The categories included in the exhibition were
  1. Programming in C
  2. Network Programming
  3. OOP
  4. EDC & ECA 2
  5. DSP
  6. Controls and Embedded Systems
To appreciate the participants a best project award was also displayed in the each category. The best project was decided by the cumulative grading by the jury members. The jury involved
  1. Dr. Farrukh Kamran
  2. Dr. Saeed-ur-rehman
  3. Dr. Zaheer Ahmed
  4. Mr. Iftekhar Mehmood
  5. Mr. Asrar Ashraf
  6. Mr. Nadeem Yousaf
  7. Mr. Anjum latif.
The respected jury inspected each project with keen interest and gave their useful advices to the participants along with the deed the whole activity was educating to the core. On the basis of the jury grades the best projects in each category and the results of the exhibition are as follows:
Course Project Name Judges
1 Programming in C RC-BOT, ResultMate Mr. Asrar Ashraf
Mr. Anjum Latif
2 Network Programming Design and Implementation of Multithreading Application(Web proxy) Dr. Zaheer
Mr. Nadeem Yousaf
3 OOP Bomberman Mr. Anjum Latif
4 EDC & ECA 2 FM Transmitter Dr. Saeed ur Rehman
5 DSP QRS Detection in ECG Signals Mr. Iftekhar Mehmood
6 Controls and Embedded Systems Quad Copter Dr. Saeed ur Rehman
Speed programming Competition
We are living in a world where life is moving at a very FAST pace and to keep up with that speed with which we work matters a lot.  
Speed programming Competition is not only about writing the fast code but also to think and make right logic in minimum to yield maximum result. So get set ready as CASE Programmers group presents a Speed programming Competition at CASE. If you think you have the PACE... then join the race and get registered.
Society is more and more dependent on technology being able to use commonly available technology in everyday life is an important skill. Competitions compel students to deal with fundamental human values, using modern technology. Computer plays significant role in today’s technology. CPG has therefore decided to hold speed programming competition between two different departments EE and CS. Competition will allow students to perform best of their abilities, to think and implement their logic in a minimum time period for a given task.
The Competition is of 3 hours which will comprise of five questions. Last year the winners were from CS department, let’s see who will win the intense competition this year. The judges will be from industries. Come and get registered as soon as possible.
Put your efforts!
Show how smart you are!
Impress your friends!
Make your teachers and department proud!
Registration fee RS.50 per team (two members) Organizers CPG
RESULTS - Speed Programming Competition
To learn and progress is in human's Nature and in this 21st century one has to have a competitive mind to strive and live up to the standards of life. One of the best ways to sharpen your mind is to put it through tests and provide it with competitive environment so that it can enhance its skills and find new ways to pass them. Keeping in mind this thought CASE Programming Group organized a Speed Programming Competition at CASE to provide students a platform to test their capabilities and hence polish them. The competition was open for the 12th Batch of Computer Science Dept. and Electrical Engineering Dept. and total of 30 teams, 17 from EE and 13 from CS, participated in the Competition. There were 5 questions given, designed by Mr. Anjum Latif, to all the teams to be solved within 3 hours of time. The competition was really tough and all the participants seemed well prepared for it. As the time began all of them engrossed themselves into the assigned task. They had to make logic and write code according to the given questions with speed and accuracy to yield the best result in just 3 hours of time. The hard work and concentration with which all the teams were competing was truly commendable. But in the end one has to win so the students of EE won the competition by completing all the 5 questions in just 2 hours and 20 minutes. CS got 2nd position as they completed 4 tasks in the given time, just 3 seconds ahead from the EE team who got 3rd position. A beautiful trophy representing glory was awarded to EE and Participation certificates were awarded to top 10 teams of the competition. All the participants proved their mettle by giving their best.
This event would not have been possible without the corporation and tremendous support from all the organizers. CPG is determined to provide students such opportunities in the future in order to become proficient in their abilities.
Position Department
1st ECE Department
2nd CS Department
3rd ECE Department
Project Exhibition
Project Exhibition was organized for the courses Programming in C, offered in Fall 2012 to the undergraduate batch 2012 of Electrical & Computer Engineering Department. The exhibition was held to motivate and buck up the students of CASE against their programming skills at the very beginning level so that they could get a realization of how best they can perform in any programming competition. The exhibition was organized by CPG under the guidance of Mr. Adeel Shabbir, Mr. Waqas Ahmed & Mr. Atti Abbas.
Programming Quiz Competition
One of the striking features of our age is the extraordinary emphasis on the study of computer and its languages like C. Wherever there is a discussion, computers always have a place in it, so hugely is the craze for computer education that other branches of study are virtually staggering under its impact. Computer has developed so spectacularly in all directions and penetrated so thoroughly into every hook and corner of life that modern life has become synonymous with computer knowledge. To promote the knowledge of computer language, programming quiz competition was held on 9th DEC at CASE University between EE and CS departments.
The competition helped the students to be able to know how to make decisions in limited time period of one minute. 18 questions were asked from each team in three rounds. Five teams which participated were:
  1. EE Batch 12 section A
  2. EE Batch 12 section B
  3. EE Batch 12 section C
  4. CS Batch 12 section A
  5. CS Batch 12 section B
The winner was declared after third round and the runner up was decided by toss between the two teams who had a tie. The team from EE won who got a trophy as a token of appreciation, from EE SEC C team was runner up.
Quizzes are usually organized to check what students have learnt from the material they were supposed to learn and not only this, it also clears concepts. Therefore our thought provoking faculty organizes such competitions each semester.
RESULTS - Programming Quiz Competition
  Team Score
1 EE Batch 12 Sec A 1st Position
2 EE Batch 12 Sec C 2nd Position
3 CS Batch 12 Sec A 3rd Position
4 EE Batch 12 Sec B 4th Position
5 CS Batch 12 Sec B 5th Position
Introduction to Database Workshop
Investiture Ceremony