Case Entrepreneurship Society

CASE Spark (arranged by CASE Business School) was envisioned as a regional competition

CASE Entrepreneurship Society (CES) The concept of developing a society came to our minds after we realized that the Business Program has to get practically involved in the welfare and development of the student body in our university. Secondly, we strongly believe that in order to get more projection within the Business School Community in the Islamabad-Rawalpindi Region, we need a platform that is our own and is at the same time embedded within our university’s social environment.

Aims & Objectives:

The broad aims of the society are as under:

  • We wish to create a real time liaison with the industry by holding professional talks, led by industry leaders.
  • We also hope to hold skill building workshops led either by our own faculty or professionals from the outside. This will obviously require a focused need assessment in the first instance.
  • We also hope to use the platform to hold inter university business competitions as the society develops. We hope to benchmark some other Business Schools which already have such benchmark competitions on annual basis.
  • Last but not the least we hope to have entertainment programs keeping in line with our cultural and religious traditions.

The society‘s domains are coherent with it’s aims and objectives, we look to initiate the necessary operations required for the Business School under the guidance of Chairman Engineering Management & Business Administration of the Programme.

Plan the activities and the events like Skill Building Workshop and Inter University competitions for the Business School & search for the sponsorship for the events thus planned.

Our awards & Achievements

The members on the CES are elected by the student body of the Business School

We at CES are proud of the success story we have created!

TECTIQS' 2015 Winner 2015


INVENT 2012 Winner & runner up 2012

CASE SPARK 3rd position



Name Responsibilities:

He/she must have close interaction with the all students and try to solve and present their problems in a meaningful and respectful manner to the Core Team CBS.

The President will ensure that the accounts of CES are managed in a transparent manner and working under the supervision of the Core Team CBS.

The President will ensure that his demeanor is always upright and that he does not allow the CES to become a political forum

VP/ Treasurer

Largely responsible for making sure that all sponsorship opportunities are exploited to the fullest.

On behalf of the President and Core Team CBS, have full/delegated authority to implement and deliver all CES functions and events.

Act upon the concept of Co-Leadership when determining his/her relationship with the President.

General Secretary

Serve as a focal point for communication on day to day bases with all society members.

Shall hear and deal with any complaints relating to any aspect of the society.

Ensure under the overall supervision of the top team that all allocated tasks are completed on time.

Executive Members

Liaising with President, VP and General Secretary with reference to his/her responsibility.

He/she should not be involved in promoting groupings within CES or Business School students.

Render Helps in execution of the arrangements for all the events.

Our Events

Workshop on
Technology Entrepreneurship

Business Plan Competition


Our members are elected through a voting process

President, Vice President and three executive members are elected members through the voting process. Three executive members are from the Engineering School approved by Dr. Ali Ahsan. The applicants for the position of the President must be from the senior most batch or the batch next to it. Vice President and the rest of members can be from any batch of the Business School.

Any enquiries about the Society?

We at Case University are committed to advance the research in engineering domain and to empower its students to realize their full potential while working in advanced technological domains.

Get in touch

CES is a friendly group, reach out to us for any enquiries.