Career Development Center

Career Development Center

Career Development Center of Sir Syed CASE Institute of Technology facilitate student in following domain:

1. Industrial Placements of third year students by ensuring that all necessary processes are adhered to.

2. Advise students on prepration of CVs.

3. Locate suitable companies and students to undertake their industrial experience in.

4. A focal point between companies and students in organizing placements (including circulating company information, collecting CVs, organizing interview and open day).

5. Liase with new companies to establish placements.

6. Maintain an online presence for Industrial Placements.

7. Act as point of contact for any companies looking to recruit Undergraduate or Postgraduate students as graduates or summer interns.

Career Counselling Activities

1. Workshops / Seminar and short courses.

2. Offering practical assistance with job seeking, application.

3. Administering and interpreting psychometric and personality tests.

4. Helping students to solve problems and manage their own careers

5. Aiding students in their searchfor appropriate employment.

6. Writing action plans, reports and career literature.

7. Counselling students that are suffering from stress or facing redundancy / redeployment.

8. Undertaking general administration.

9. Marketing and promoting services.