Bachelor of Science in English

Bachelor of Science in English


The 4 years BS English program aims to enable students with an academic and research aptitude towards the modern languages and cultural diversity around the world. Program allows student to develop a knowledge base of literary history, theory, and criticism, and develops the understanding of a wide range of intellectual and cultural traditions. BS English (Linguistics & Literature) program will also enable students to acquire the skills that are needed to bring a momentous professional impact to the fields of Linguistics & Social Sciences. BS English graduates can excel in the field of Social Sciences, Teaching, Communication and media, Content writing, Administration.

Eligibility Criteria:

The candidate must have passed Higher Secondary Certificate (HSSC) or equivalent or any other examination of a Local / Foreign / Educational Institution / Examining Body, equivalent to HSSC whereas the equivalence and percentage of marks will be determined by IBCC.

Degree Requirement:

A student must successfully complete the course work as outlined in this degree study plan with a minimum of 130 Credit Hours and attain a minimum CGPA of 2.0 out of 4.0.


Minimum: 4 years (8 Regular Semesters)
Maximum: 6 Years

Scheme of Study for Bachelor of Science in English:

A tentative plan of study is given below for the Bachelor of Science in English.

Title Credit Hours
Islamic Studies 2
English Composition and Comprehension) 3
Introduction to Computing 3
General Course 1 3
Study Skills 3
Introduction to Linguistics 3
Total 17
Title Credit Hours
Pakistan Studies 2
Report Writing 3
History of English Literature I 3
General Course 2 3
Introduction to Environmental Studies 3
Introduction to Literature 3
Total 17
Title Credit Hours
Human Rights and Citizenship 3
Communication and Presentation Skills 3
English Phonology 3
History of English Literature II 3
Novel I 3
Poetry I 3
Total 18
Title Credit Hours
Academic Reading and Writing 3
Literary forms and movements 3
Language in Use 3
Introduction to Semantics 3
Novel II 3
Poetry II 3
Total 18
Title Credit Hours
Elective 1 3
World Literature in English 3
Drama I 3
Introduction to stylistics 3
Introduction to Postmodern Literature  3
Total 15
Title Credit Hours
Introduction to Morphology and Syntax 3
Literary Criticism 3
Drama II 3
Introduction to Pragmatics  3
Introduction to Psycholinguistics       3
Total 15
Title Credit Hours
Introduction to Sociolinguistics  3
Introduction to Discourse Analysis       3
British Literature 3
Elective 2 3
Elective 3 3
Total 15
Title Credit Hours
American Literature 3
Elective 4 3
Elective 5 3
Term Paper Project/ Two additional Electives 6
Total (5 courses) 15
List of Key General Education Courses

Professional Ethics
Total Quality Management
Introduction to Philosophy
Logic and Critical Thinking
Introduction to International Relations
Introduction to Mass Communication
Introduction to Geography
Introduction to Political Economy
Fundamentals of Economics
Legal System of Pakistan
Principles of Management

List of Key Elective Courses
History of English Language
Introduction to Critical Pedagogy
Essays and Short Stories
Second Language Acquisition
Pakistani Literature in English
Short Story Writing  
Introduction to Translation Studies
Advanced Syntax
Teaching of English as Second Language
Emerging Trends in Sociolinguistics
Introduction to Corpus Linguistics  
ELT Practicum
Introduction to Forensic Linguistics
Introduction to Clinical Linguistics

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