Department of Computer Science

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

** Pre-Medical Students can also Apply **

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science program is accredited by National Computing Education and Accreditation Council of HEC.

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The program focuses on encouraging students to develop and use abstract models in addition to applying the respective technologies in practical situations. This program focuses on establishing a strong mathematical foundation, basic aspects of computing, and advanced technical electives covering areas like Intelligent Systems, Software Engineering & Net Centric, Data Sciences, Information Security, E‐commerce and Biomedical.

Special emphasis is placed on developing project management, business development and communication skills so that the graduates are able to lead and develop the software industry with excellent entrepreneurship knowledge. The program is dynamic and flexible enough to align with the latest scientific and technological developments in the field. The courses are tailored according to international standards to nurture capacity building and original thinking in our graduates.

Degree Requirements

Minimum of 133 credit hours including a senior design project of 6 credit hours, with minimum CGPA of 2.00.


Minimum: 4 Years (8 Semesters)
Maximum: 6 Years (With One Year Extension)

Eligibility Criteria
  1. At least 50 % marks in Intermediate (HSSC), A-Level & equivalent examination with Mathematics or equivalent qualification with Mathematics certified by IBCC.

  2. At least 50% marks for FSc, A-level or equivalent in Pre-Medical. No need to appear in Board intermediate level (FSC or equivalent) exams to clear their mathematics courses.

Semester - I
Code Title Credits for Non-Medical Credits for Medical Pre‐Requisite
SC1201 Applied Physics3+03+0Freshman Standing
SC1001 Calculus & Analytic Geometry3+0N/AFreshman Standing
HU1002 English Composition & Comprehension3+03+0Freshman Standing
CS1501 Introduction to Information and Communication Technologies1+11+1Freshman Standing
CS1001 Programming Fundamentals3+13+1Freshman Standing
PSC1001 Pre-Mathematics-IN/A3+0Freshman Standing
PSC1002 Pre-Mathematics-IIN/A3+0Freshman Standing
Total 15 18
Semester - II
Code Title Credits for Non-Medical Credits for Medical Pre‐Requisite
HU1003 Communication & Presentation Skills3+03+0Freshman Standing
CS1502 Digital Logic and Design3+13+1Freshman Standing
HU1101 Islamic Studies2+02+0Freshman Standing
SC1002 Multivariate Calculus2+0N/ASC1001
HU1102 Pakistan Studies2+0N/AFreshman Standing
CS2301 Discrete StructuresN/A3+0Freshman Standing
CS1002 Programming Techniques1+11+1CS1001
SC1001 Calculus & Analytic GeometryN/A3+0Freshman Standing
Total 15 17
Semester - III
Code Title Credits for Non-Medical Credits for Medical Pre‐Requisite
CS2503 Computer Organization & Assembly Language3+13+1SPM
CS2003 Data Structure and Algorithms3+13+1CS1001
SC2003 Differential Equations3+03+0SC1001
HU1102 Pakistan StudiesN/A2+0FRESHMAN STANDING
CS2301 Discrete Structures3+0N/AFRESHMAN STANDING
SC1002 Multivariate CalculusN/A2+0SC1001
CS2004 Object Oriented Programming3+13+1CS1001
Total 18 19
Semester - IV
Code Title Credits for Non-Medical Credits for Medical Pre‐Requisite
CS2201 Introduction to Database Systems3+13+1CS2003
CS2504 Operating Systems3+13+1CS2003
SC2004 Probability and statistics3+03+0SOPHOMORE STANDING
CS2101 Software Engineering3+03+0SOPHOMORE STANDING
Total 18 18
Semester - V
Code Title Credit Hours Pre‐Requisite
CS4303 Artificial Intelligence3+1CS2003
CS3005 Design & Analysis of Algorithms3+0CS2003
SC3005 Linear Algebra3+0JUNIOR STANDING
CS3302 Theory of Automata and Formal Languages3+0CS2301
Total 19
Semester - VI
Code Title Credit Hours Pre‐Requisite
CS3401 Computer Communication and Networks3+1JUNIOR STANDING
SC3006 Numerical Computing2+0JUNIOR STANDING
HU3004 Technical & Business Writing3+0JUNIOR STANDING
University Elective-I3+0AS PER SPECIFIC COURSE
Total 16
Semester - VII
Code Title Credit Hours Pre‐Requisite
CS4006 Compiler Construction3+0CS3302
CS4405 Parallel & Distributed Computing3+0CS 2504
CS4111 Senior Design Project-I2+0SC
University Elective-II3+0AS PER SPECIFIC COURSE
Total 14
Semester - VIII
Code Title Credit Hours Pre‐Requisite
CS4406 Information Security3+0Senior Standing
CS4112 Senior Design Project-II4+0CS4111
University Elective- III3+0AS PER SPECIFIC COURSE
University Elective- IV3+0AS PER SPECIFIC COURSE
Total 16
Computer Science Elective Courses (Any 6 courses from following list)

Code Title Pre-Requisite
CS2007 Visual ProgrammingCS1002
CS3008 Web EngineeringCS1002
CS3009 System ProgrammingCS2504
CS3010 Video Game ProgrammingCS2004
CS3011 Real-Time ProgrammingCS1002
CS3012 Principles of Programming LanguagesCS1002
CS3013 Modern Programming LanguageCS1002
CS3014 Advance Object Oriented ProgrammingCS2004
CS2102 Software Design & ArchitectureCS2101
CS3103 Smart Application DevelopmentCS2004
CS3104 Simulation and ModelingSC2004
CS3105 Human Computer InteractionJUNIOR STANDING
CS3106 Game Design and DevelopmentCS2101
CS3107 Software Quality AssuranceCS2101
CS3108 Software Testing & Quality EngineeringCS2101
CS3109 Software Project ManagementCS2101
CS3110 Object Oriented Software EngineeringCS2101
CS4121 Software Design Project-ISS
CS4122 Software Design Project-IICS4121
CS4113 Advanced Software EngineeringCS2101
CS4114 Computer LawSS
CS4115 Design PatternCS2101
CS4116 Principles of Software DevelopmentCS2101
CS2117 Business Process EngineeringSOPHOMORE STANDING
CS2118 Formal Methods in Software EngineeringSOPHOMORE STANDING
CS3119 Software Construction & DevelopmentCS2102
CS3120 Software Re-EngineeringCS3119
CS2312 Stochastic ProcessesSOPHOMORE STANDING
CS2121 Software Requirements EngineeringCS2101
CS3202 Data Mining and Data WarehousingCS2201
CS3203 Advanced DatabaseCS2201
CS3204 Big Data AnalyticsCS2201
CS3205 Distributed Database SystemsCS2201
CS4303 Artificial IntelligenceCS2003
CS3304 Digital Image ProcessingCS2003
CS3305 Computer GraphicsSC3005
CS3306 Advanced Intelligent RoboticsCS4303
CS3307 Experts SystemsCS4303
CS3308 Artificial Neural NetworkSC2004
CS3309 Computer VisionJUNIOR STANDING
CS3310 Computer AnimationJUNIOR STANDING
CS3311 Bio InformaticsJUNIOR STANDING
CS3312 Bioinformatics Computing SENIOR STANDING
CS3314 BiostatisticsSENIOR STANDING
CS3317 Ethical and Legal Issues in BioinformaticSENIOR STANDING
CS3318 Special Topics in BioinformaticsSENIOR STANDING
CS3402 Network ProgrammingCS3401
CS4403 Cryptography & Network SecurityCS3401
CS3404 Cloud ComputingCS3401
CS4405 Parallel & Distributed ComputingCS 2504
CS4406 Information SecuritySENIOR STANDING
CS3407 Mobile ComputingCS3401
CS3408 Wireless NetworksCS3401
CS3409 Network Analysis and DesignCS3401
CS3410 Special Topics in Computing SENIOR STANDING
CS3423 Advanced Topics in ComputingSENIOR STANDING
University Electives (Select any 4 Courses from the following List)

Code Title
MS3801 Entrepreneurship & Technology
MS3802 Quality Improvement Tools and Methods
MS3803 Leadership & Team Management
MS3804 Total Quality Management
MS3805 Project Scheduling and Costing
MS3806 Production and Operation Management
MS3807 Operation Research
MS3808 Human Resource Management
MS3809 Marketing
MS3810 Economics
MS3811 Quality Control and Engineering Standards
MS3812 Quality Assurance and Management Systems
MS3813 Quality Improvement Tools and Methods
HU3201 Psychology
HU3202 Life Science
HU3203 Philosophy
MS3820 Financial Accounting
MS3821 Financial Management