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Bachelor of Science in Artificial Intelligence

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The BS(AI) program gives the students an in-depth knowledge they need to transform large and complex scenarios into actionable decisions. The program and its curriculum focuses on how complex inputs - such as knowledge, vision, language and huge databases - can be used to make decisions to enhance human capabilities. The curriculum of the BS(AI) program includes coursework in computing, mathematics, automated reasoning, statistics, computational modelling, introduction to classical artificial intelligence languages and case studies, knowledge representation and reasoning, artificial neural networks, machine learning, natural language processing, vision and symbolic computation. The program also encourages students to take courses in ethics and social responsibility, with the opportunity to participate in long term projects in which artificial intelligence can be applied to solve problems that can change the world for the better — in areas like agriculture, defence, healthcare, governance, transportation, e-commerce, finance and education.

This Program is also offered for FSC, A-Level Pre-Medical Students

Summer Training (Pass/Fail grade; NIL credits): Every student is required to participate in a summer training program and submit a formal written report during the summer of Junior Year.

** Pre-Medical Students can also Apply **

Degree Requirements
  1. Minimum of 131 credit hours including a senior design project of 6 credit hours, with minimum CGPA of 2.00

  2. Minimum of 137 credit hours including a senior design project of 6 credit hours for pre-medical students, with minimum CGPA of 2.00


Minimum: 4 Years (8 Semesters)
Maximum: 6 Years (With One Year Extension)

Eligibility Criteria
  1. At least 50 % marks in Intermediate (HSSC), A-Level & equivalent examination with Mathematics or equivalent qualification with Mathematics certified by IBCC.

  2. At least 50% marks for FSc, A-level or equivalent in Pre-Medical. No need to appear in Board intermediate level (FSC or equivalent) exams to clear their mathematics courses.

Study Plan for BS(Artificial Intelligence)

Semester - I
Code Title Credits for Non-Medical Credits for Medical Pre‐Requisite
CS 1501 Introduction to Information and Communication Technologies1+11+1FRESHMAN STANDING
CS 1001 Programming Fundamentals3+13+1FRESHMAN STANDING
SC 1001 Calculus & Analytic Geometry3+0N/AFRESHMAN STANDING
AI 1201 Applied Sciences3+03+0FRESHMAN STANDING
HU 1002 English Composition & Comprehension3+03+0FRESHMAN STANDING
PSC1001 Pre-Mathematics-IN/A3+0FRESHMAN STANDING
Total 18 15
Semester - II
Code Title Credits for Non-Medical Credits for Medical Pre‐Requisite
CS 1002 Programming Techniques 1+11+1CS 1001
CS 2003 Data Structures & Algorithms3+13+1CS 1001
AI 1502 Digital Logic Design 3+13+1FRESHMAN STANDING
SC 1005 Linear Algebra3+0N/AFRESHMAN STANDING
SC 1004 Probability & Statistics3+03+0FRESHMAN STANDING
HU1003 Communication & Presentation Skills3+03+0SC1001
SC 1001 Calculus & Analytic GeometryN/A3+0FRESHMAN STANDING
Total 19 19
Semester - III
Code Title Credits for Non-Medical Credits for Medical Pre‐Requisite
CS 2004 Object Oriented Programming3+13+1CS 1001
AI 2007 AI Elec 1 (Ex:Advance Statistics)3+03+0SC 1004
AI 2303 Artificial Intelligence3+13+1CS 2003
CS 2301 Discrete Structures3+03+0SOPHOMORE STANDING
AI 2201 Database Systems3+13+1CS 2003
Total 18 18
Semester - IV
Code Title Credits for Non-Medical Credits for Medical Pre‐Requisite
AI 2202 Machine Learning3+13+1AI 2303
AI 2503 Computer Org. & Assembly Language3+13+1SOPHOMORE STANDING
SE 2101 Software Engineering3+03+0SOPHOMORE STANDING
AI 2504 Differential Equations3+03+0SC 1001
AI 2203 Knowledge Representation & Reasoning3+03+0AI 2303
Total 17 17
Semester - V
Code Title Credits for Non-Medical Credits for Medical Pre‐Requisite
CS 3504 Operating System3+13+1CS 2003
AI 3204 Artificial Neural Networks3+03+0AI2303
AI 3005 Analysis Of Algorithms3+03+0CS 2003
UnivElec 1 (Ex:Economy Related)3+03+0AS PER SPECIFIC COURSE
AI 3008 AI Elective 2. (Ex: Theory of automata/ intelligent web design and development)3+03+0AS PER SPECIFIC COURSE
SC 1005 Linear AlgebraN/A3+0SOPHOMORE STANDING
Total 19 16
Semester - VI
Code Title Credits for Non-Medical Credits for Medical Pre‐Requisite
HU 3101 Islamic Studies/Ethics2+02+0SOPHOMORE STANDING
AI 3206 Computing vision2+12+1AI 3204
AI 3401 Computer Networks3+13+1CS 2004
AI 3207 AI Elec 3 (Ex: Data Mining)3+03+0AI 2201
AI 3208 AI Elec 4 (Ex: Deep Learning)3+03+0AI 3204
AI 3205 Natural Language Processing3+03+0AI 3204
Total 18 18
Semester - VII
Code Title Credits for Non-Medical Credits for Medical Pre‐Requisite
AI 4111 Final Year Project-I2+02+0SENIOR STANDING
CS 4406 Information Security3+03+0SENIOR STANDING
University Elective-2 (Ex: Management Rel.)3+03+0AS PER SPECIFIC COURSE
HU 4004 Technical & Business Writing3+03+0SENIOR STANDING
AI 4405 Parallel & Distributed Computing2+12+1AI 3504
HU 3102 Pakistan Studies2+02+0SENIOR STANDING
Total 16 16
Semester - VIII
Code Title Credits for Non-Medical Credits for Medical Pre‐Requisite
AI 4112 Final Year Project-II4+04+0AI 4111
University Elective- 3(Ex:Management Rel.)3+03+0AS PER SPECIFIC COURSE
HU 4005 Professional Practices3+03+0SENIOR STANDING
University Elective- 4(Ex: Management Rel.)3+03+0AS PER SPECIFIC COURSE
Total 13 13
Artificial intelligence elective courses (Must be any four courses or 12 credit hours)

Code Title Pre-Requisite
AI2007 Advance StatisticsSC 2004
AI 2008 Theory of Automata & Formal LanguagesAI 2301
AI 3008 Intelligent web design and developmentAI 1001
AI 3207 Data Mining AI 2007
AI 3208 Deep LearningAI 5204
AI 3209 Speech ProcessingAI 5204
AI 3210 Reinforcements LearningAI 5202
AI 3211 Fuzzy SystemsAI 2303
AI 3212 Evolutionary ComputingAI 2303
AI 3213 Swarm IntelligenceAI 2303
AI 3214 Agent Based ModelingAI 2303
AI 3215 Knowledge Based SystemsAI 2303
AI3311 Bio InformaticsJUNIOR STANDING
AI3312 Bioinformatics ComputingSENIOR STANDING
AI3314 BiostatisticsSENIOR STANDING
AI3317 Ethical and Legal Issues in BioinformaticsSENIOR STANDING
AI3318 Special Topics in BioinformaticsSENIOR STANDING
AI 3321 Special Topics in Artificial Intelligence-ISOPHOMORE STANDING
AI 3322 Special Topics in Artificial Intelligence-IISENIOR STANDING
University Electives (Select any 4 Courses from the following List)

Code Title
MS3801 Entrepreneurship & Technology
MS3802 Quality Improvement Tools and Methods
MS3803 Leadership & Team Management
MS3804 Total Quality Management
MS3805 Project Scheduling and Costing
MS3806 Production and Operation Management
MS3808 Human Resource Management
MS3809 Marketing
MS3810 Economics
MS3812 Quality Assurance and Management Systems
MS3813 Quality Improvement Tools and Methods
HU3201 Psychology
HU3202 Life Science
HU3203 Philosophy
MS3820 Financial Accounting
MS3821 Financial Management
MS3811 Quality Control and Engineering Standards