Federally Chartered Degree Awarding Institute Recognized by HEC

Sir Syed CASE Institute of Technology
Financial Aid and Scholarship

Financial aid and scholarships are awarded at the start of each semester in the form of fee waiver. SS-CASE-IT provides two types of scholarships:

  • Merit scholarships
  • Need based scholarships

Financial assistance is based on need and merit (academic performance during the previous academic semester). Financial Assistance is provided to regular students only. There is no scholarship for continuing education students.

No application is required for Merit Scholarships because the students are awarded the scholarships on the bases of previous semester performance. For the First semester, the financial aid is based on the overall merit at the time of admission based on previous academic record, SS-CASE-IT Admission test scores and interview performance. However applications should be submitted for Need based scholarships. Financial aid forms are available with the SS-CASE-IT administration.

Financial aid for any semester is granted to the students who register for that semester. Students can apply for the financial assistance for a semester only before the start of the academic semester. The amount of assistance given to a student in a semester may be different from the previous semester(s) depending upon need, merit and availability of funds. A student who is on probation may not be eligible for financial aid from SS-CASE-IT or may have his financial assistance reduced or suspended.

The Financial Aid Committee assesses the financial need of the candidates, and determines whether or not the candidate has adequate resources to finance education at SS-CASE-IT. The need is determined on the basis of the financial resources’ statement and (if required) interview of applicants by the Financial Aid Committee.

Fee Deferment Policy
Generally, all fees are due before a student is admitted to any program at SS-CASE-IT. However, there are situations where payment of dues in installments may be granted by SS-CASE-IT to only the regular M.Sc. / Ph.D. students.

HEC Students
HEC students must pay all fees before their admission is finalized.

Sponsored Students (other than HEC)
Students sponsored by their organizations should pursue their cases in their sponsoring organizations to complete paper work and issue payment check to SS-CASE-IT. In special circumstances, the Chairman of the department may allow for the student to deposit 50% of the dues before admission. This amount will be reimbursed to the student after the full payment is received by the sponsoring organization.