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Sir Syed CASE Institute of Technology

Air Tech

Competition: Game Jam
Position: 1st
Team Members:

  • Muhammad Jawad (CS-12)
  • Rohail Shahid (CS-12)
  • Siqlain Hanif (CS-13)
Brief Description: The event was organized by Air University. The task was to create a 3D game in a limited time-frame. Students from batch 12 and 13 participated in the event named as Game Jam and secured 1st position.



Air University, Islamabad conducted its first ever Intra University set of events named "AirNexus'16" in which teams from all over the country participated to show their mettle. It also included a Speed Programming Competition that was held on April 30, 2016. Around 20 teams participated in the event from different universities i.e. Quaid-i-Azam University, Bahria University, Capital University of Sciences and Technology, FAST University Islamabad, Foundation University and many others.

A team from SS-CASE-IT also participated in the Speed Programming Contest. There were two rounds of the competition. First round was a qualifying round which consisted of multiple choice questions that started at 10:30 AM and ended at 11:30 PM. In the final round, teams were given some programming challenges to solve. It started at 12:30 PM and ended at 2:30 PM. C@SE was declared the winner by defeating all the participants of the competition.

Prize Distribution Ceremony of the event was held on April 30, 2016 in the auditorium at 4:00 PM. Team JIR (Junaid Ahmed, Itban Saeed Usmani and Muhammad Rafay Abdullah) from SS-CASE-IT received the 1st Position Shield for being the winner of the contest.


ExcITeCup 2015 Speed Programming Competition

There was an Inter-University event named ?ExcITeCup 2015? held on December 15, 2015 at Capital University of Sciences and Technology, Islamabad. ExcITeCup is a great event that is organized annually by the Computer Science Department of CUST. This event comprises of different competitions i.e. On-Spot Programming, Software Project Exhibition, E-Gaming Competition and Programming Quiz Competition etc. Teams from all over the country participate in these competitions and show their mettle.

This time, a team from SS-CASE-IT participated in the On-Spot Speed Programming Competition. C@SE got 2nd position in the competition. It was held on 12th of December 2015 in which around 30 teams participated from different universities (i.e. UET Taxila, UMT Lahore, Bahria University, Islamic International University, NUST, COMSATS Wah, CUST, Air University, SEECS, Iqra University and many others). A team from C@SE also participated in the competition.

The competition started at 11:20 AM and ended at 12:40 PM. In the evening the Prize Distribution Ceremony of the event was held in the auditorium at 6:00 PM. Team JIR (Junaid Ahmed, Itban Saeed Usmani and Muhammad Rafay Abdullah) from SS-CASE-IT received the 2nd Position Shield for being Runners-up in the contest.



Competition: Speed Programming
Position: 2nd
Team Members: Junaid Ahmed Sheikh (CS-12), Itban Saeed (CS-12), Muhammad Rafay (CS-12)
Brief Description: NaScon?15 was an event organized by FAST Islamabad. In this event participant from all over Pakistan competed altogether. Students of Sir Syed CASE Institute of Technology (SS-CASE-IT) defeated all the other participants belonging to the top Universities of Pakistan.


Robotic World Cup 2014

SS-CASE-IT Team qualified for Robotic World Cup 2014.



Competition: Debug Police
Position: 1st
Team Members: Junaid Ahmed Sheikh (CS-12), ItbanSaeed (CS-12), Muhammad Rafay (CS-12)
Brief Description: NaScon?14 was an event organized by FAST Islamabad. In this event participant from all over Pakistan competed altogether. Students of SS-CASE-IT defeated all the other participants belonging to the top Universities (FAST Peshawar Campus, FAST Faisalabad Campus, MAJU, PIEAS and Iqra University and others) of Pakistan.



Competition: Speed Programming Competition
Position: 2nd
Team Members: Talha Khalid (CS-11),WaleedAzam (CS-11), Muhammad HammadMudassir (CS-12)
Brief Description: NaScon?14 was an event organized by FAST Islamabad. In this event participant from all over Pakistan competed altogether. Students of SS-CASE-IT came runner-up by competing participants from the top Universities (FAST Peshawar Campus, FAST Faisalabad Campus, MAJU, PIEAS and Iqra University and others) of Pakistan.


FAST Coding Race

Competition: FAST Coding Race
Position: 2nd
Team Members:ChaudharyAsghar Ali(CS-12), Muhammad HammadMudassir (CS-12)
Brief Description: There was an Inter-University Speed Programming Competition organized by FAST University named ?FAST CODING RACE?. In this event various teams from top Universities of Islamabad participated. Students of SS-CASE-IT gave their best in the competition and were declared as runner-up.



There was an Inter-University event that was held on 29-30 November 2013 in IQRA University.

Following three teams of batch 12 from Computer Science Department were representing SS-CASE-IT:

Team JIR Team Asghar Team Haris
Junaid Ahmed Sheikh (CS-12) Chaudhary Asghar Ali (CS-12) Haris Anwar (CS-12)
Itban Saeed Usmani (CS-12) Aamir Shah (CS-12) Raza Faheem (CS-12)
Muhammad Rafay Abdullah (CS-12) Rayan (FAST) Shahzaib Shahid (CS-12)

Around 18 teams from different universities participated in the Speed Programming contest. More than 50 students were there to compete for the 1st Prize. SS-CASE-IT team JIR was declared the winner of the Speed Programming Competition.

The Dean of IQRA University distributed the Prizes among the winners. Team JIR representative Junaid Ahmad Sheikh received the SHIELD on the behalf of the team. The Prize money of RS. 3000/- was also given to the team.

This is the first such success of CS students who have finally adapted the footsteps of SS-CASE-IT students to prove the talent of our students in CASE.


National RoboSprint - 2013

Sir Syed CASE Institute of Technology (SS-CASE-IT) successfully defended its title on Sunday, 29th October, 2013 by winning both the RoboSprint 2013 Championship along with the hearts & minds of visiting dignitaries, UCP management, students, media and visiting teams. CASE was honored and acknowledged every step of the way. CASE logo enjoyed the highest recognition value. It could be seen on the backdrop, every pan-a-flex poster displayed and every T-shirt worn by the students and organizers. Mr. Iftekhar Mehmood was honored and felt humbled when they called upon him to introduce and explain the theme of RoboSprint 2014 and give away the prizes for ?Best Engineering Design? and ?Best Idea?.

Click here for RoboSprint - 2013 Results
Click here to visit RoboSprint Website



meSatrol ?, a product of SS-CASE-IT Robotics Group, is the amalgamation of a mechanical positioning system of satellite dish antenna receiver and an electronic controller that has the capability of movement in two degrees of freedom i.e. elevation and azimuth.

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Technical Paper Writing Competition

Our CRG team won the First Position in ?Technical Paper Writing Competition? at the IET-GIKI All Pakistan Engineering Conference (APEC)! They presented their recent research under the title: ?Implementation of Velocity Control Algorithm on a Swerve based Omnidirectional Robot.?

The winning team included:

  1. Waqas ur Rehman
  2. Umer Farooq
  3. Zain ul Hassan

The win indicates solid theoretical underpinnings of the practical work done at CRG. It is our stated endeavor to have all our research peer reviewed and published. This victory lets that process start with a bang?


EMCOT - 2012

COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Abbottabad organized Technomoot 2012 on 7-8 May 2012. A series of events were part of this mega event like:

  • EMCOT (Department of Electrical Engineering)
  • CCIS (Department of Mathematics)
  • MILES (Department of Management Sciences)
  • CSE (COMSATS Information Technology Center)
  • Vision ICT (Department of Computer Science)
  • HEIGHT (Department of Humanities) and S-Dev (Departments of Environmental Sciences, Pharmacy, Chemistry and Development Studies)

EMCOT is Electrical Systems & Microcontroller Applications. One of our final Year Projects, 5-Axis CNC (Computer Numerical Control) Machine, supervised by Dr. Shoab A. Khan and co-supervisor, Mr. Muhammad Waqas Zeb and Ms. Saman Riaz, participated in this event. By grace of Allah this project got 2nd position out of 57 projects nationwide.


COMPPEC - 2012

COMPPEC 2012 was held in College of Electrical & Mechanical Engineering (CEME) NUST on June 27-28, 2012 this year. Once again, by the grace of Allah, SS-CASE-IT FYPs proved themselves. In total CASE got 4 distinctions.

Sr. No. Project Title Position Cash Prize
1 Unmanned Arial Vehicle (UAV) 1st Rs. 40,000/-
2 Robocon 2012 2nd Rs. 20,000/-
3 Computer Numerical Control (CNC) 3rd Rs. 10,000/-
4 Smart Vision System 4th Rs. 5,000/-

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Mobilink Super Engineer Competition

Mobilink launched "The Mobilink Super Engineer Competition" in year 2009. This was an inter-university contest in which student teams from leading engineering universities participated. It offered the rare opportunity to the students to prove their mettle by attempting real life engineering projects assigned by the Mobilink Technical Team.

The projects were evaluated by a senior Mobilink jury having representation from different Technical departments against a pre-defined criterion of innovation and creativity, project presentation, meeting the timelines and meeting project objectives. The SS-CASE-IT team proved itself by securing 3rd position.

Wireless Network Based Security Surveillance System Team Lead Team Members
Syed Talal Ishfaq Ahmad
Rana Junaid
Zeeshan Afzal
Jamal Afsar

Sentec - 2012

One of SS-CASE-IT Final Year Projects, ?Computer Numerical Control? (CNC) Machine participated in Sentec Project Competition held in NED University Karachi. By the grace of Allah Almighty once again this group has proved itself by securing 2nd position over there.

Computer Numerical Control E08-131 M. Sami Suleman Supervisor Co-Supervisor
E08-117 Umar Sharif
E08-134 Atif Riaz Dr. Shoab A. Khan Muhammad Waqas Zeb
E08-069 Muhammad Awais Ms. Saman Riaz

Many congratulations to the winning team.


National RoboSprint - 2012

CRG has managed to bring both national and international laurels by consistently winning various competitions like the National Engineering Robotics Competition (NERC), organized by EME College, NUST and ROBOCON sponsored by World Broadcasting Association (WBA). One of the robots named ?Ayaan Rover? has won at NASCON 2010 and EMCOT 2010 as well.

The winning teams were exuberant and expressed themselves by profusely praising the efforts of SS-CASE-IT faculty and RoboSprint organizers. The general category was won comprehensively by CASE. All three positions went to CASE teams with robots Neutrino, Assassin 1 & 2 and Buraq/Majesty taking 1st, 2nd and 3rd postion respectively. The ?Special? category was also won by CASE (Stallion). The category represents younger competitors in the 1st and 2nd year of engineering; however, their work was far ahead of their level. Best Engineering Design went to Spartan of SS-CASE-IT.


Invent 2012

SS-CASE-IT and SS-CASE-IT Business School have done it once again, two of our teams "Construct EEE" & "Cogweel" have scored 1st and 2nd Positions respectively in the final round of Pakistan?s Entrepreneurship Extravaganza i.e. INVENT 2012. Both teams won more than ONE MILLION in form of Prize/Financing.

This time the competition was tough and the two teams are amongst the 20 which have qualified from a total pool of 350 teams.The Grand Finale was scheduled for 14th of July with the following four categories:

Award for Each Category Categories
Cash Prize Seed Money Total Agri-Preneurship
Winner 100000 500000 600000 Techno-Preneurship
1st Runner UP 75000 400000 475000 Social-Preneurship
2nd Runner UP 50000 300000 350000 Other-Preneurship

With the prayers of our elders and unrivalled coaching of our faculty, we have defeated many of the more established Business Schools, for whom we continue to have a lot of respect. It may also be of critical importance to mention here that our two teams were the only undergraduate teams amongst a host of MBAs. In this moment of triumph we bow before the God Almighty and hope and pray that we continue to maintain this winning streak in years to come.


ROBOCON, short for Robotic Contest, is a mega international competition concerning the field of robotics. After going through a nation-wide competitive process, 'Asia Pacific Broadcasting Union' (ABU) selected team of undergraduate electrical engineering students from SS-CASE-IT to represent Pakistan in 'ABU ROBOCON 2010' that was held in Cairo, Egypt in September 2010.

ABU has been holding robotic contests under the name 'ROBOCON' since 2002. In 2010; 20-teams from 19-countries were selected to compete in this international event. Team of students from SS-CASE-IT participated in this event for the first time and by the grace of Allah Almighty, had the honor of being the ONLY team selected from Pakistan to carry the national Flag in this international competition. Participation and success of CASE team in 'ABU ROBOCON 2010' was essential to Pakistan like any other international activity that is targeted to portray a positive image of our nation.

Team SS-CASE-IT also has the honor to be Team Pakistan once again for ABU-ROBOCON-2011 to be held in Bangkok, Thailand in August 2011. CASE was selected after winning a national level qualifying round in which teams from leading universities of Pakistan participated.


PASHA ICT R&D Award for 'Best Student Project?

ROBOCON 2010 project also won the 'Best Student Project' award in 'Pakistan Software Houses Association (PASHA) Awards 2010'. Project was also nominated from Pakistan for renowned '2010 APICTA awards, Malaysia'.


Asia Pacific ICT Alliance Award

SS-CASE-IT has an iridescent history decorated by the consecutive winning of 14 APICTA (Asia Pacific ICT Alliance) Awards


'6th National Design, Build and Fly Competition'

SS-CASE-IT Team was the winner of 6th 'National Design, Build and Fly Competition' (DBFC-VI) held at GIKI from 8-10 April 2011. 6th semester students of Electrical Engineering of CASE competed in the DBFC-VI and they were the winners in the engine category.


Case Study competition in 'NASCON 2011?

?SS-CASE-IT Business School' secured first position in 'Case Study' competition in NASCON 2011 organized by NU-FAST on 17th April, 2011.



SS-CASE-IT Spark (arranged by SS-CASE-IT Business School) was envisioned as a regional competition with two main segments. One concerning an inter university ?Business Plan Competition? open to both engineering and business schools and the second related to the ?Case Study Method?. Here; like always, once again one of the teams from the CASE Engineering School won the third prize in ?Business Plan Completion?. Similarly, in the ?Case Study? competition, a team from CASE Business School stood third.


NERC (2009 and 2010)

Teams from SS-CASE-IT bagged three awards in the 'National Engineering Robotics Competition' (NERC) in 2009. A robot named 'CHALLEGER' from CASE was announced the champion team and another robot named 'Gladiator' from CASE won the third position. Also, TBOB, a robot, from CASE added colors to the honor list by winning the 'Best Engineering Design' award out of 105 robots from 35 leading universities of Pakistan.

In 2010 another SS-CASE-IT team 'FIREBOLT' defended the title as Champions once again. 'Best Engineering Design' was awarded to Team 'FALCON' from CASE in 2010. This year more than 150 teams from 35 institutes and universities of Pakistan participated in NERC.


'NASCON 2010' and 'EMCOT 2010' Awards

'AYAAN ROVER', an UGV (Unmanned Ground Vehicle) based on the design of Shrimp Rover robots participated in two all Pakistan project exhibitions i.e. 'NASCON 2010' and 'EMCOT 2010' and it secured 1st and 2nd positions respectively.