Students Life

At CASE, students get an opportunity to interact with more than 600 graduate students, who are industry veterans, working towards their masters and PhDs. A true research and development environment helps students to grow professionally, extend their horizons and establish relationships with industry professionals. We are pleased and honored that you have chosen to join CASE. We hope you'll regard that as a wise choice during your studies at CASE.

Student @ CASE

Life is for one generation and a good name is forever. The reason for a good name can be a number of things including academic excellence, leadership qualities, a sound character and personality, impressive orator-ship and many more. At CASE, apart from imparting quality education, due consideration is given to engage our students in healthy and character building activities.


Student Societies / Clubs

Various clubs and societies have been formulated. These clubs and societies are supported with financial assistance to help and promote various sports and social activities on campus. Following is a description of several of such clubs and societies.


Adventure Club

Adventure Club believes that a person is incomplete without adventure and experience that can be achieved through exploring the diversity of land and culture. The idea for having an adventure club is to provide an opportunity to the students to escape from the daily routine of the busy campus life and be able to enjoy the wilderness and natural resources of Mother Nature. The adventure club will organize hiking, jogging, boating and excursion trips; the students will be encouraged to actively participate in these physical activities.

Faculty Coordinator
Mr. Waqas Hassan +92 333 5913423
Office Bearers
Mr. Shayan Satti President  
Mr. Saqib Iqbal Marwat Vice President +92 335 5470265
Mr. Wasi Awan General Secretary +92 333 5906969
Ms. Laiba Khaliq Female Adviser

Arts Society

The Arts Society has been formed to promote arts and culture. There is a popular saying that there is a hidden artist inside every person. If that artist is not discovered then he is lost and this is precisely the aim of the arts society not to let that artist disappear. The society arranges sketching and poster competitions, declamation contests, hold debates and discussions, organize BAET-BAZI sessions and such other activities. The society also holds auditions to discover various talents in students and to boast their confidence to perform in front of people.

Faculty Sponsors
Dr. Sadia Aziz
Ali Javed Pirzada
Office Bearers
Rana Muneeb Hassan
General Secretary
Ifrah Zafar
Muhammad Usman Saleh

Sports Club

Good athletes are harder to nourish than to discover. The sports club at CASE has decided to undertake both these tasks simultaneously. The sports club has been formed to make proper institute level teams for several sports activities. The ultimate aim of the sports club is to have CASE recognized as an institute, which not only produces the best graduates but also the best athletes with good sportsman spirit.

Faculty Sponsors
Muhammad Ishaq
051-8432273 Ext-211
Mr. Mian Jehanzeb
051-8432273 Ext-234
Office Bearers
Mr. Rehan Saleem
Vice President
Mr. Hammad Shahid Khan
General Secretary
Mr. Arslan Akhter

Electronics Society

Electronics society is responsible for promoting inters in the design of electronic systems by arranging on-campus exhibitions and competitions. The society also arranges the short workshops, seminars and lectures to acquaint our students with latest trends in the rapidly growing and vast field of analog and digital electronics. Another aim of this society is to provide the students a platform where the students can practice/improve their practical skills for designing, building and troubleshooting the electronics prototypes and gadgets. The society has a small workshop equipped with a variety of tools including a small drill machine, etching and soldering stations.

Faculty Sponsors
Raheel Bhutta
Ali Syed
Office Bearers
Muhammad Atif
General Secretary
Muhammad Haseeb
Khuzaima Ahmed

CRG (CASE Robotics Group)

CRG was formed in late 2008 and is responsible to promote robotics not only within CASE but all around Pakistan. Faculty members and young engineers at CRG have developed some amazing systems in the recent past. CRG has also been a winner at the National Engineering Robotics Competition (NERC); organized by EME College, NUST, by winning the title; two consecutive times i.e. in 2009 and 2010. More than 150 teams from 35 institutes of Pakistan were present in NERC 2010 last year. Our robotics based Final Year Project (FYP) named 'Ayaan Rover' has also brought colors to CASE by winning the 1st prize at the All-Pakistan FYP exhibition called NASCON 2010 (organized by NU-FAST Islamabad) and 1st Runners-up at the EMCOT 2010 (organized by CIIT, Abbottabad). After 2 consecutive seasons of unprecedented success, CRG is now geared up to win ROBOCON 2011.


Thinkers Forum

The forum will aim to promote awareness in the student community about all topics of their concern. It will help and encourage students to present their views and ideas, shape their opinions with facts and knowledge, accept and honor the views of others and have sense to participate in healthy discussions. The forum will arrange discussions and seminars on a variety of topics and invite scholars and thinkers of national repute to come and share their views with the CASE community.

Faculty Sponsors
Qaisar Shafi
Sana Ata
Office Bearers
Tariq Habib Sheikh
General Secretary
Usama Rashid
Aymen Ayyaz
Umair Khan

CASE Entrepreneurship Society (CES)

We at the CASE Business Program have been encouraged by our recent performance at the INVENT 2010 and 2011 a National level competition held under the auspices of the Society of Entrepreneurship-IBA Karachi. We do sincerely believe that the way forward for the youth in Pakistan is to embrace without qualification the mindset of an entrepreneur. This quest has led us to the establishment of CASE Entrepreneurship Society “CES” under the umbrella of CASE Business Program. The recently concluded CASE Spark 2011 was held under the auspices of the Society.

Campus Facilities

CASE is located in the heart of Islamabad, the capital city of Pakistan, a lush green, spacious and peaceful city situated backdrop of Margalla Hills. The campus has easy access through public transport from various parts of the twin cities.


Girls' Common Room

Girls' common room is a place in the institute where the female students can relax in their free time. The room is equipped with all the things that are necessary to provide a conducive and calm environment to the female students. The female students can offer their prayers, prepare their assignments, take their meals and carry out other relaxing activities in this room.


Prayer Area

The campus has a separate area dedicated for offering prayers. A moazzan has been appointed to call Azan for all the daily prayers and also to lead the prayers.



The Institute campus has round the clock security staff for ensuring safety measures for the premises and the students. However, students are advised to personally ensure security of their personal belongings inside and outside the classrooms.


Parking Area

Parking Area is available beside CASE premises with the facility of full time Security Guards for ensuring complete security of students' vehicle.


Computing & Internet Facilities

The Institute has its own Intranet and a dedicated high speed Fiber connection for high bandwidth Internet connectivity. Each student is provided with network access and email account with 100 MB storage for keeping data in a secure place.


Stationary Shop

To save students' invaluable time and money CASE provides a well equipped stationary shop in its premises where all necessary items are available at a very low cost.


Reprographics Section

There is a reprographics section where the students can get the printouts of their assignments and photocopies of their notes or any other reference material available in the library on payment basis.


Medical Emergencies

In case of a medical emergency while a student is on campus, the Management will arrange for the student to be taken to hospital. The Management, however, will not be responsible for the hospital charges. Students should contact the Manager Operations in case of emergencies. Students with serious medical problems, such as asthma, epilepsy or other specific medical conditions must inform Students Affairs Office of any special needs that they may have.



Campus has cafeteria facilities with a variety of fresh snacks available at reasonable rates.


Coming Soon...

Salient Features
  • CASE campus is situated in the heart of Islamabad.

  • CASE offers the largest Post Graduate (Doctorial) engineering program in Pakistan.

  • CASE is affiliated with UET Taxila and Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad.

  • HEC scholars are enrolled at CASE in Ph.D. and M.Sc. Leading to Ph.D. programs.

  • Curriculum at CASE is designed in accordance with the guidelines of HEC and as per the international standards. All academic programs have strong industrial orientation.

  • CASE offers merit and need-based scholarships to its talented students.

  • CASE has high potential permanent faculty with strong academic and professional (industrial) background. Each faculty member is actively involved in industry and research.

  • CASE offers and pioneers in ‘Distant Learning’ facility for students in various parts of the country and abroad.

  • CASE also offers and pioneers in ‘Continuing Education’ program for working professionals. The objective is to promote quality learning and training for those who cannot register for a full fledge degree program. Working professionals from various corporations (public and private sector) from within and outside Pakistan are therefore registered at CASE as ‘Continuing Education’ students. So far 1940 number of students have benefited from this facility.

  • Students of CASE are exceptionally out of box thinkers.

  • Engineering program at CASE are accreditation with PEC.


AT CASE each student experiences an extravagant and a memorable life much more than academic learning only. Each student experiences an environment where they are able to participate in various on campus events and activities and thereby contribute towards their personal growth. At CASE; every student experiences an air of constant encouragement and guidance from everyone else. This allows the students to put their best in their university years and get the best returns. Following important reasons explains how CASE is different and why students should aspire to be a member of CASE community.

  1. All students at CASE experience strong feel of research based environment.
  2. CASE student base comprises of manpower that is very strongly linked with industry.
  3. As student of CASE you can be a winner at many national and international awards / events such as NERC, ROBOCON, PASHA ICT R & D Etc.
  4. CASE students share experiences with world class specialists and faculty.

Corporate Social Responsibility

CASE has well recognized its corporate social responsibility towards the society and implemented the following on going programs through collaboration of students, faculty and CASE staff:
  1. Funding programs for flood victims
  2. Supply programs for flood victims
  3. Programs relating CASE employee (and relatives) welfare
  4. Blood raising program
  5. Seminars and open houses for general public for general awareness
  6. Others…


Scholarships are awarded by the financial aid committee at the start of each semester in the form of fee waivers. CASE provides two types of scholarships:

  1. Merit scholarships (based on grades and/or research performance)
  2. Need-based scholarships

Financial assistance is based on need and merit (academic performance during the previous academic semester) which is provided to regular students only. Note that Continuing Education students are not eligible for scholarships.

Students expecting merit scholarship based on their GPA do not need to apply for the scholarship, however students expecting merit scholarships based on their research performance must apply in writing and provide documentation of their research. Financial aid forms for need-based scholarships are available from Student Affairs.