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Press Release

RoboSprint 2012 is an all Pakistan national robotics competition being hosted by Center for Advanced Studies in Engineering (CASE) this weekend, 14-15 July, 2012. The idea has its roots in an annual robotics competition regularly held within CASE to promote passion for the field of robotics among its students. It was initiated by the CASE Robotics Group (CRG) and its success has bred the confidence to take it to the national level, where it would serve as a National Educational Campaign in itself.

CRG has managed to bring both national and international laurels by consistently winning various competitions like the National Engineering Robotics Competition (NERC), organized by EME College, NUST and ROBOCON sponsored by World Broadcasting Association (WBA). One of the robots named ‘Ayaan Rover’ has won at NASCON 2010 and EMCOT 2010 as well.

The idea of RoboSprint has thus caught fancy of most of the engineering schools, and more than forty teams from different universities have arriveded for the competition. The robotics knowledge base developed at CASE is being openly shared, and as per commitment, CASE team has educated engineering students of Pakistan through two distinguished programs; the National Student Coordination Program (NSCP), and Special Robotics Seminars. This novel altruistic concept morphs RoboSprint 2012 from merely a robotics competition into a fully‐fledged national educational campaign. Under NSCP, CASE has assigned co-supervisors to all registered teams, and about 22 Special Robotics Seminars have been delivered at 15 universities across Pakistan.

In order to provide equal opportunity for participants from other cities, CASE collaborated with University of Central Punjab (UCP), Lahore and PAF-Karachi Institute of Economics & Technology (PAF-KIET), Karachi where RoboSprint competition fields have been constructed through its own investment. These fields and the field at CASE are open for robots’ testing and demonstration by any student.

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The name ‘ROBOSPRINT’ is attributed to an annual robotics competition held by Center for Advanced Studies in Engineering (CASE) to promote passion for the field of robotics in its undergraduate students. ROBOSPRINT was initiated at a local level by CASE Robotics Group (CRG) - the undergraduate robotics research group of CASE, in 2009.

In 2010, Air University joined hands and their students participated along with the students of CASE making it a bigger and a better experience.

Though CRG has enjoyed great success in the recent past by the grace of Almighty Allah yet it has not blinded us of the fact that our competitors (from all over Pakistan) have lacked basic skills in this particular field. ROBOSPRINT is not just a nation wide competition but a comprehensive plan to promote robotics by educating youth of Pakistan. Our plan will be thoroughly discussed in the following text describing our vision of ROBOSPRINT in the future and our motive of spreading robotics across country.


RoboSprint 2012 extends an extraordinary chance of learning robotics to all the university students of Pakistan. This year, CASE launches a novel idea in the field of Pakistani education, a National Student Coordination Program (NSCP). The new concept transforms RoboSprint 2012 from merely a robotics competition into a full‐fledge national educational campaign. We will ensure that every Pakistani student without any discrimination will have access to the technological skills of the newera. All the participating teams can gain from the expertise of CASE Robotics Group (CRG) by NSCP & Special Robotics Seminars developed exclusively by the Organizing Committee of RoboSprint 2012. We on behalf of CASE & CRG wish the very best of luck to all who wish to be a part of this exciting experience. Please have a look at Section 13 and 14 of the Rule Book for details pertaining to our NSCP and conducting Special Robotics eminars respectively.

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Final Day Qualifying Teams


Last date of registration is 30th May 2012


Date of video competition is extended, which is now 14th May 2012.


Be the Host of national RoboSprint 2013

Finally, to materialize the idea of making RoboSprint truly a national event. We now call for bids to host and organize the next year’s competition (RoboSprint 2013). These bids should include the feasibility plan to organize the event and proposed theme and idea of the competition. These proposals would be forwarded to a 3 member RoboSprint National Board committee to evaluate and recommend the most suitable host for next year.

Please download the Bidding form. Last date for submission of the bid is 4th May 2012.

To share the preparations progress of the competition across Pakistan, RoboSprint has launched a Video Competition.


RoboSprint Headquarters signed an MOU with UCP, Lahore and PAF KIET, Karachi to Provide practice fields in the respective regions across the country

In order to provide equal opportunity for participants from other cities; we have collaborated with University of Central Punjab (UCP), Lahore and PAF-Karachi Institute of Economics & Technology (PAF-KIET), Karachi where RoboSprint fields have been installed. These fields and field at CASE are open for any student to prepare for this project.

The Revision - C of the Rule Book has been published.


Registration form of NATIONAL ROBOSPRINT 2012 has been uploaded.


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