Certificate Courses

Certificate Courses

Certificate Courses are offered as part of our continuing education non degree program for working professionals in the areas of Computer Science, Electrical, Computer & Software Engineering, Engineering Management, Project Management and Management Sciences.

Who should attend
  • SS-CASE-IT provides the knowledge, skills, motivation and resources to enhance the capabilities of an individual in a dynamic manner. It provides extensive learning opportunities for professionals through interactive programs responsive to the needs of today's working environment.

  • Non degree certificate courses are offered as a non-degree program for working professionals who want to learn new knowledge for their professional growth.

  • To promote quality learning and leadership for those professionals who cannot spare time or fulfill the eligibility criteria for a complete degree program.

  • To take individual courses at their own rhythm.

  • All regular courses offered in BS/MS/PhD can also be taken as continuing education student. These courses are transferable towards graduate degree program (maximum 3 with B grade minimum) within two years of completion of courses.

Benefit of Certificate Courses

These courses are transferable towards a degree program as per the existing rules of the Institute.

What you get

Candidates will get a certificate for the successfully completed course.

Course Duration

Courses are conducted in regular semesters along with regular MS/PhD programs with a duration of 17 weeks including all exams. Courses are offered during weekend.

Fee Structure

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Admission Deadline

January 21, 2020

Tentative start date: February 10, 2020
Tentative list of courses :

Tentative List of Courses Spring - 2020 Semester
Sr. # Course Name  
1 EE8419 MEMs Design and Micromachining Apply Now
2 EE8631 Wind Energy Conversion and Integration Apply Now
3 EE6501 Wireless Communications Apply Now
4 EE6541 Stochastic Signal Processing Apply Now
5 EE6201 Linear Control Systems Apply Now
6 EE6513 IoT Communication Devices and Protocols Apply Now
7 SC8107 Computational Linear Algebra Apply Now
8 EE8522 Software Defined Networks (SDN) Apply Now
9 EE6512 Optical Communication Systems Apply Now
10 CS6002 Advanced Algorithm Analysis Apply Now
11 CS6004 Advanced Computer Architecture Apply Now
12 CS6001 Advanced Theory of Computations Apply Now
13 CS6802 Cryptography & Network Security Apply Now
14 CS6202 Machine Learning Apply Now
15 EM-6101 Research Methodology for Engineering Managers Apply Now
16 EM-6104 Finance for Technical Managers Apply Now
17 EM-6105 Technology Management Apply Now
18 EM-8101 Quantitative and Qualitative Methods Apply Now