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Around 18 teams from different universities participated in the Speed Programming contest. More than 50 students were there to compete for the 1st Prize. C@SE team JIR was declared the winner of the Speed Programming Competition.
RoboSprint 2013
CASE successfully defended its title by winning RoboSprint 2013 Championship
APEC - 2013
CASE - CRG won 1st position by presenting its paper "Implementation of Velocity Control Algorithm on a Swerve based Omnidirectional Robot"
CASE - CRG Commercial Project that Integrates State-of-the-Art Embedded Systems & Intelligent Control Algorithms for Harsh Environments
NUST College of EME & CARE APICTA wins silver merit award in Research & Development for Network Enabled Retinal Image Analysis and Screening System for Grading and Diagnosis of Diabetic Retinopathy.
(Asia Pacific ICT Alliance Awards 2012 in Brunei Darussalam)
CARE wins APICTA Silver Merit Award in Communications for High Data Rate Wideband Networking Radio Waveform with Multiple Access for Software Defined Radios. (APICTA)
(Asia Pacific ICT Alliance Awards 2012 in Brunei Darussalam)
NUST College of EME & CARE wins P@SHA Gold award in Research & Development for Network Enabled Retinal Image Analysis and Screening System for Grading and Diagnosis of Diabetic Retinopathy.
CARE Sponsors the PASHA awards for year 2012.
SENTEC - 2012
‘Computer Numerical Control’ (CNC) Machine won 2nd position in Projects Competition held at NED University Karachi
EMCOT - 2012
5 - Axis CNC (Computer Numerical Control) Medicine won 2nd position out of 57 projects in EMCOT 2012 held at COMSATS Abbottabad
COMPPEC - 2012
CASE FYPs of Electrical & Computer Engineering Department won 1st position in "Communication Systems" category and 03 distinctions in "Electromechanical Category"
It offered the rare opportunity to the students to prove their mettle by attempting real life engineering projects assigned by the Mobilink Technical Team.
The CASE team proved itself by securing 3rd position.
National Robotics Competition to Promote Robotics and Friendship
"Construct EE" & "Cogweel" scored 1st and 2nd position respectively and won 1.425 Million Ruppees in form of Prize/Financing
CARE/CASE once again basks in glow of victory
APICTA Awards 2011 Pattaya, Thailand
Gold Award for Best in e-Health
A collaborative project of CARE, CASE, AFIC & NUST College of E&ME
Silver Award for Best in e-Communication
‘Cognitive Controller Hub project’
Silver Award for Best in e-Government
‘National Air Space Management System’
Silver Award for Best in Security Applications
‘Unified Security on ICT infrastructure at National level’
NERC 2011
1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th Positions
NERC 2010
1st Position and Best Engineering Design Award
NERC 2009
1st, 2nd and Best Engineering Design Awards
Robocon 2011
CASE is Team Pakistan Robocon 2011
Robocon 2010
CASE has beaten India in Robocon 2010
Best in Communication
Best in e-Governance
Best in Research & Development
Best in Security Application
Best Student Project Award
Merit Award for Best in e-Governance
Merit Award for Best in Security Application
Merit Award for Best in Communication
Gen. Ashfaq Pervez Kayani, COAS congratulating CASE Team on the remarkable project of "Arrythmia Detection and Sudden Cardiac Arrest Based Tele-Medicine System"
CASE research work on the project "Massively Parallel Fingerprint Recognition System Architecture for Performing Multimillion Matches per Second" brought accolade to CASE by capturing first position in the R&D category at PASHA Pakistan All Software House Association ICT Awards 2010
Unified Lawful Interception system for NGN
and Cyber Space Monitoring
A Comprehensive Voice & Data Monitoring and Analysis platform for NGN Networks and Cyber Space including WLL, 3G, LTE and Fixed Links
CARE 1G and 10G Line Encryptors provide real time Encryption/Decryption with zero packet loss
First Indigenous developed Software
Defined Radio
Developed First Network Centric Command & Control System for Pakistan
Next Generation Wireless Networks Research Group
Supervised By Dr. Sadia Aziz

A number of graduate and post graduate students are working under this group.

Team Leader

Ishtiaque Mahmood (PhD Student)

Graduate Students

Affan Nazir
Usman Idress
Rafia Hassan Gillani

Under Graduate Students

Bint –e-zehra
Numan bin Rehan
Tayyeb Moin

Work on following projects is in progress under NGWN research group.

1) QoS Provisioning using IPv6

Multimedia applications running on Internet require bandwidth, minimum delay, minimum jitter and minimum packet loss, various models such as IntServ and DiffServ tries to satisfy QoS needs of applications. One of the common problems with these models is that they do not use any dynamic mechanism to find multiple paths to a destination through the network and then route the QoS sensitive flows on a path that is most appropriate for the QoS requirement of a particular flow. This can lead to a situation when we may need to deny admission to further QoS flows till some resources are made available. “QoS Provisioning using IPv6”, uses a QoS based Multipath Routing Algorithm (QoS-MPR) which can work alongside the traditional routing algorithm and it is able to construct multiple Label Switched Paths to a particular network hence; we can inject more QoS sensitive flows in the network without deploying excess resources. “QoS Provisioning using IPv6” will not only allow to inject more traffic into the network but it will also provide efficient label switching mechanism using the “Flow Label” field of the IPv6 header and it will also serves as a simple load balancing mechanism.

2) Design and Development of GA based efficient mechanism for provisioning and maintaining QoS in 4G networks

The proposal envisions that next generation 4G devices will be based on SDR technology. This technology will enable the device to switch from one physical interface to other by loading an appropriate waveform from the storage. The component will be compliance to Software Communication Architecture (SCA) to enable its wide acceptability by next generation communication solution providers. The solution will be equally valid for other QoS application meant for SDR devices. In 4G networks services will be provided to user without any interruption .At lower layers list of available networks will be maintained using SDR and whenever existing network is not available or has fading, mobile device will be switched to other network selected from list of available networks depending upon user QoS requirements. Maintaining promised QoS in 4G networks is critical task since many parameters are involved and complexity is increased due to heterogeneous wireless networks. In this proposal complexities in 4G networks related to QoS is addressed and efficient mechanism is suggested based on GA's. GA's are stochastic algorithms which ultimately present better solution after some iteration. As user may move anywhere with his handheld device he may move with the speed of multi hundreds km/s, but requiring guaranteed bandwidth every time. E.g. a user having UMTS connection may pass through area where UMTS services are not available but CDMA2000 is available and immediately he comes to area where HSDPA services are available to providing and marinating promised QoS is really big task which should be catered for. So we are developing efficient mechanism for providing and maintaining QoS in 4G networks which will be mainly following intelligence of GA's


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