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Brig (R) Rafiuddin ( Chairman ) Read More
Assistant Professor
M.Sc, Digital Systems, University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield, UK, 1988
Cell: 03015559390       Email: rafi@case.edu.pk

Did his MSc in Digital Systems with distinction from Univ of Hertfodshire, UK. At present working as Head of Department Computer Science. Previously employed in NUST (College of E&ME) in the department of Computer Engineering (2007-2012). Worked in Dr A Q Kan Research Labs, Kahuta (1980-2007) in projects of national interest involving sophisticated state of art technology such as: Enrichment of uranium through centrifuge machines, Development and manufacture of surface to air missiles, Development and manufacture of surface to surface long range missiles capable of carrying Nuclear Warhead e.g Ghauri Missile, Development and manufacture of Nuclear Device and Nuclear Warhead Development and manufacture of Antitank Missiles

Research Interest:
Dr. Aman Ullah Yasin ( HOD MS Software Engineering Program ) Read More
Assistant Professor
PHD, Data Mining, School of engineering, University of Nantes, France, 2013
Cell: 518432273 Ext. 204       Email: amanyasin@case.edu.pk

Dr. Amanullah Yasin did his Master in “Knowledge Extraction from Data” and PhD in Data Mining and Machine Learning from University of Nantes, France. He was a researcher at DUKE (Data User KnowledgE) research lab of School of engineering of University of Nantes, France.

Research Interest: Data mining, Data stream mining, Machine learning, Data science, Big data, Learning from Data Streams, Probabilistic reasoning, Bayesian inference, Bayesian network structure learning, Knowledge engineering, Business intelligence.
Dr. Saman Riaz ( Assistant Professor ) Read More

PHD, Computer Science and Technology, Xidian University, Xian, China, 2019
Cell: 51 8432273       Email: sriaz@case.edu.pk

Dr. Saman Riaz did Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning from Xidian University, Xian, China. She was a researcher at the (Key Lab of Intelligent Perception and Image Understanding of Ministry of Education of China) research lab of School of Artificial Intelligence of Xidian University, China

Research Interest: Machine Learning, Big Data, Algorithm Design Patterns, Computational Intelligence, Probability and Stochastic, Numerical Analysis
Adeel Shabbir ( Assistant Professor ) Read More

MS/Mphil, Information Security, CASE, 2011
Cell: 0923454302711       Email: adeel@case.edu.pk

Research Interest: Information and Network Security
Ms. Shagufta Umer ( Senior Lecturer ) Read More

MS/Mphil, Semantic Matching, Semantic Interoperability in Healthcare, Database Schema heterogeneity Analysis, Clinical Decision Support System, NUST, 2010
Cell: 518432273 Ext. 248       Email: shagufta.umer@case.edu.pk

She did her Masters in Information Technology from NUST School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. She served as Research Associate at NUST for two years. She is certified HL7 proctor in Pakistan.

Research Interest: Semantic Matching,Semantic Interoperability in Healthcare,Database Schema heterogeneity Analysis,Clinical Decision Support System
Mr. M. Ali Masood ( Lecturer ) Study Leave Read More

MS/Mphil, Computer Science, Quaid-i-Azam University, 2013
Cell: 518432273 Ext. 421       Email: Muhammad.ali@case.edu.pk

He did his Mphil from Quaid-i-Azam University in Data Mining. He is currently persuing his PhD. from Quaid-i-Azam University. His area of interest are Data Mining, Semantic Web, Social Network Analysis, Information Retrieval System, Web Technologies, and Machine Learning.

Research Interest: Social Network Analysis,Information Retrieval System,Recommendation System,Game Designing and Development,Data Mining,Semantic Web
Mr. Danish Hamid ( Lecturer ) Read More

MS/Mphil, Genetic Programming, NUCES-FAST, Islamabad, 2013
Cell: 518432273 Ext. 422       Email: danishcs@case.edu.pk

Did my Bachelors from COMSATS, Islamabad with focus on Data Handling Techniques. After undergrad, I worked as Software Engineer in KalSoft Pvt. Ltd. where I worked on mega projects like Enabling E-Police which is deployed in Islamabad. Another project that I worked on was automating the work flow of Ministry of Population. After this, I did my MS from NUCES-FAST in the area of Genetic Programming under the supervision of Dr. Hammad Majeed. After completing my Masters, I joined CASE in 2012. Currently I am also pursuing my PhD from NUCES-FAST under the guidance of Dr. Omer Baig

Research Interest: Competitive and co-operative Analysis of Genetic Programming (GP),Compiler Optimization and Green Computation
Waqas Ahmed ( Lecturer ) Read More

Cell: N/A       Email: ta_waqas@case.edu.pk

Research Interest: N/A
Saira Afzal ( Lecturer ) Read More

Cell: N/A       Email: saira.afzal@case.edu.pk

Research Interest: N/A
Sidra Ashraf ( Lecturer ) Read More

Bachelor of Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Uet Taxila, 2013
Cell: N/A       Email: sidra.ashraf@case.edu.pk

Research Interest: N/A
Yousaf Nawaz ( Lab Engineer ) Read More

B.Sc, Software Engineering, UET Taxila, 2015
Cell: N/A       Email: yousaf.nawaz@case.edu.pk

Research Interest: N/A
Rehman Ali ( Lab Engineer ) Read More

BCSE, Software Engineering, UET, 2015
Cell: N/A       Email: Rehman.ali@case.edu.pk

Research Interest: N/A
Hira Tahir ( Lab Engineer ) Read More

BSCS, Computer Science, Center For Advance Studies In Engineering, 2016
Cell: N/A       Email: hira.tahir@case.edu.pk

Research Interest: N/A
Adjunct Faculty
  • Dr. Syed Ismail Shah
  • Dr. Aamer Iqbal Bhatti
  • Dr. A. Hasan
  • Dr. Adnan A. Khan
  • Dr. M. Hasan Islam
  • Dr. Saqib Ali
  • Mr. Nadeem Yousaf
  • Mr. Anjum Latif
  • Dr. Usman Mustafa
  • Dr. Ali Sajid
  • Dr. Ali Ahsan
  • Dr. M. Daniel Saeed Pirzada
  • Dr. Muhammad Zubair Khan
  • Dr. Faheem ul Islam
  • Dr. Nawar Khan
  • Dr. Aamir Ahmed
  • Dr. Mujtaba Hassan Agha
  • Dr. Irfan Ul Arfeen
  • Dr. Farrukh Jaleel
  • Dr. Ahsen Maqsoom
  • Dr. Faheem Qaisar Jamal
  • Mr. Muhammad Asim Khan