Mr.Wali Muhammad

Wali Muhammad is “Manager Industrial Liaison and Career Development and Academic Teacher” for the subjects of “Psychology and Self Development”, “Professional Ethics in Business”, “Communication Skills and Technical Report Writing”, and Professional Ethics and Islamic System” at CASE. He specializes in Psychometric Testing and Soft Skills Training. He has more than 12 years of experience of teaching in academic institutions and organizational development related consulting and training for public/private sector organizations. His areas of interest are Soft Skills: Motivation and Leadership, Stress Management, Team Building and Personal Performance Maximization.

Educational Qualifications

M.Sc. Psychology from Government College, Lahore 1995
BA (Psychology and English Literature), University of the Punjab, Lahore

Work Experience

A seasoned academician, Wali has taught the subjects of Industrial Psychology and Neuropsychology at the psychology department of Govt. College University, Lahore, Consumer Psychology and Environmental Psychology at the Virtual University (VU) of Pakistan, and Psychology at the National University (FAST). His other professional engagements have been working at SB&B Marketing Research, Lahore as Qualitative Research Associate, Creative Projects Manager, KZR Associates, Islamabad, Karachi and School of Leadership, Karachi. As an Organizational Development Consultant and Trainer, Wali specializes in developing and implementing training based interventions to achieve organizational change objectives. His training workshops have been attended by participants from various organizations in the public, private and civil society sectors. Wali engages in community development work from the platforms of various philanthropic concerns. He is keen to work with youth in the initiatives related to entrepreneurship, career skills, and character education.

Research Interests
Psychometric Testing, Organizational Behavior, Stress Management
Research Publications
Muhammad, W., Imam, Sohail., 1995. Role of Fountain House, Lahore in Treatment of Schizophrenics, LHR, Pakistan, University of the Punjab
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Muhammad, W., Rizvi, Ali, Azhar., 1995. Urdu translation, “Introduction to Social Psychology” by David.G.Myers LHR, Pakistan, University of the Punjab