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Around 18 teams from different universities participated in the Speed Programming contest. More than 50 students were there to compete for the 1st Prize. C@SE team JIR was declared the winner of the Speed Programming Competition.
RoboSprint 2013
CASE successfully defended its title by winning RoboSprint 2013 Championship
APEC - 2013
CASE - CRG won 1st position by presenting its paper "Implementation of Velocity Control Algorithm on a Swerve based Omnidirectional Robot"
CASE - CRG Commercial Project that Integrates State-of-the-Art Embedded Systems & Intelligent Control Algorithms for Harsh Environments
NUST College of EME & CARE APICTA wins silver merit award in Research & Development for Network Enabled Retinal Image Analysis and Screening System for Grading and Diagnosis of Diabetic Retinopathy.
(Asia Pacific ICT Alliance Awards 2012 in Brunei Darussalam)
CARE wins APICTA Silver Merit Award in Communications for High Data Rate Wideband Networking Radio Waveform with Multiple Access for Software Defined Radios. (APICTA)
(Asia Pacific ICT Alliance Awards 2012 in Brunei Darussalam)
NUST College of EME & CARE wins P@SHA Gold award in Research & Development for Network Enabled Retinal Image Analysis and Screening System for Grading and Diagnosis of Diabetic Retinopathy.
CARE Sponsors the PASHA awards for year 2012.
SENTEC - 2012
‘Computer Numerical Control’ (CNC) Machine won 2nd position in Projects Competition held at NED University Karachi
EMCOT - 2012
5 - Axis CNC (Computer Numerical Control) Medicine won 2nd position out of 57 projects in EMCOT 2012 held at COMSATS Abbottabad
COMPPEC - 2012
CASE FYPs of Electrical & Computer Engineering Department won 1st position in "Communication Systems" category and 03 distinctions in "Electromechanical Category"
It offered the rare opportunity to the students to prove their mettle by attempting real life engineering projects assigned by the Mobilink Technical Team.
The CASE team proved itself by securing 3rd position.
National Robotics Competition to Promote Robotics and Friendship
"Construct EE" & "Cogweel" scored 1st and 2nd position respectively and won 1.425 Million Ruppees in form of Prize/Financing
CARE/CASE once again basks in glow of victory
APICTA Awards 2011 Pattaya, Thailand
Gold Award for Best in e-Health
A collaborative project of CARE, CASE, AFIC & NUST College of E&ME
Silver Award for Best in e-Communication
‘Cognitive Controller Hub project’
Silver Award for Best in e-Government
‘National Air Space Management System’
Silver Award for Best in Security Applications
‘Unified Security on ICT infrastructure at National level’
NERC 2011
1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th Positions
NERC 2010
1st Position and Best Engineering Design Award
NERC 2009
1st, 2nd and Best Engineering Design Awards
Robocon 2011
CASE is Team Pakistan Robocon 2011
Robocon 2010
CASE has beaten India in Robocon 2010
Best in Communication
Best in e-Governance
Best in Research & Development
Best in Security Application
Best Student Project Award
Merit Award for Best in e-Governance
Merit Award for Best in Security Application
Merit Award for Best in Communication
Gen. Ashfaq Pervez Kayani, COAS congratulating CASE Team on the remarkable project of "Arrythmia Detection and Sudden Cardiac Arrest Based Tele-Medicine System"
CASE research work on the project "Massively Parallel Fingerprint Recognition System Architecture for Performing Multimillion Matches per Second" brought accolade to CASE by capturing first position in the R&D category at PASHA Pakistan All Software House Association ICT Awards 2010
Unified Lawful Interception system for NGN
and Cyber Space Monitoring
A Comprehensive Voice & Data Monitoring and Analysis platform for NGN Networks and Cyber Space including WLL, 3G, LTE and Fixed Links
CARE 1G and 10G Line Encryptors provide real time Encryption/Decryption with zero packet loss
First Indigenous developed Software
Defined Radio
Developed First Network Centric Command & Control System for Pakistan
Faculty @ CASE

CASE is fortunate to have the finest faculty compared to any other institution of similar stature and standing in the country. They have delivered quality education to scores of engineers and information technology experts, who now form the core of the technical workforce of the country.

Dr. Abdul Khaliq
Ph.D. (1995)
Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
Power Electronic, Utility planning, Dynamic security, Control and Optimization of Large Scale Power Systems
Dr. Saeed Ur Rehman
Ph.D. Electrical Engineering (1996)
Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
Control System, Digital System Design and Real-Time Embedded Systems
Dr. Farrukh Kamran
Ph.D. Electrical Engineering (1995)
Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
Power Electronics, Networking Communication & Control Systems
Dr. Irfan Manarvi
PhD: Design and Manufacturing
University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, UK
Dr. Shoab A. Khan
Ph.D. Electrical Engineering (1995)
Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
Image Processing, Parallel Processing, ASIC Design, Micro-controller System Design, Computer Architecture and Microprocessor Design
Dr. Muhammad Shamim Baig
Ph.D. Computer Science (H/ware & Systems:1992)
George Washington University, USA
Parallel Computer, Digital Comm, Digital System Design & Network Security
Dr. Nadeem Ehsan
Ph.D. Project Management
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA
Technology Management, Project Management
Dr. Shafaat Ahmed Bazaz
Ph.D. Institut National des Sciences Appliquées (INSA) Toulouse (France)
Development of MEMS based gyroscopes, Neural Probes for Brain Implants, Integration of Force sensors with microgrippers for biomedical applications
Dr. Waheed Iqbal
Ph.D., Cloud Computing (Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand) - 2012
Areas of Interest including Cloud Computing, Distributed Systems, Machine Learning, High Performance Computing, Scalable Applications and Architectures, System Performance Evaluation, Mobile and Web Applications.
Mr. Ch. Fazl-E-Muqeem
Warwick Business School, UK
Human Resource
Dr. Asad Mahmood
Ph.D Telecom Engineering (2008)
ENSTA, Paris, France
Physical Layer Design, Resource Allocation Optimization in Wireless Systems, Software/Cognitive Radio Design Processor Systems
Dr. Ali Ahsan
Ph.D. Engineering Management
CASE, Islamabad
Industrial and Engineering Management, Technology / Productivity and Quality Management, ICT Management, Software Engineering, Information Systems, Organization Development, Management, Entrepreneurship
Dr. Azhar Mansur Khan
Ph.D. Fluid Mechanics with Cost Optimization Modeling
Georgia Institute of Technology, U.S.A
Prof. Ali Haider
MS Electrical Engineering
University of Houston, Houston Texas USA
Software Engineering, Productivity, and Soft factors in Management
Dr. A. Nisar
PhD: Mechanical Engineering
Asian Institute of Technology, AIT, Thailand
Prof. Major General Khalid Mushtaq (Retired)
MSc in Defense and Strategic Studies
Quaid e Azam University, Islamabad
Organizational Behaviour, Organizational Development and Effectiveness, Quality, Productivity and Change Management.
Dr. Muhammad Mohsin Rehmatullah
Ph.D. Electrical Engineering (2009)
UET, Taxila
ASIC Design, FPGA Based Digital Design, Communication Solutions, Hardware Software Distributed Architecture & System Design
Dr. Tahir Zaidi
Ph.D. Electrical Engineering
Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
Ferromagnetic and Multiferroic thin films aimed towards Optoelectronics and Spintronics applications. Compound semiconductor growth and analysis. Rare earth and transition metal incorporation in compound semiconductors. Spin polarized LED growth. Compound semiconductors (III-V and IV-VI) growth and analysis, Light emitting diode (LED), Solar Biomedical applications and devices.
Dr. Zaheer Ahmed
Ph.D. Electrical Engineering (2009)
University of Engineering & Technology, Taxila
Embedded Systems, Industrial Control, FPGA/ASIC and Enterprise Software
Mr. Hammad A. Khan
MS Electrical Engineering (1999)
Iowa State University, USA
DSP, Comm & Stochastic Image Processing Algorithms & SDR
Dr. Sheikh Muhammad Farhan
Electrical Engineering (2009)
UET, Taxila
Embedded Systems, Quality Assurance, FPGA Based Systems, System-on-Chip (SoC), Cryptography
Prof. Khusro P. Malik
University of Ottawa Canada
Human Resource, Organizational Development, Business Process Reengineering, Management
Dr. Muhammad Daniel Saeed Pirzada
PhD. Washington State University USA
Production & Operation Management
Dr. A. Hasan
Ph.D: Electrical Engineering
University of Texas, Austin
Interference Suppression in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
Dr. A. Mahmood
Ph.D. Control Sysetms
University of Arkansas, USA
Biomechanical models, Dynamical systems, Robust and optimal control systems, Bond graph modeling & simulation, Intelligent control systems, Active vibration control
Dr. Muhammad Hasan Islam
PhD. Computer Engineering
CASE, Islamabad
Wireless & Mobile Networks, System Administration, Design and Analysis
Dr. Tahir Zaidi
PhD. Electrical & Computer Engineering
Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
Compound semiconductors (III-V and IV-VI) growth and analysis, Light emitting diode (LED), Solar Cells, Digital signal processing (DSP) applications, Biomedical applications and devices.
Dr. Adnan Ahmed Khan
PhD. Computer Engineering
CASE, Islamabad
CDMA-MUD, Software Defined Radios (SDR), MIMO-SDR development, Satellite Communication systems, Resilient Adhoc Networks, Sensor Networks, Cross Layer Design, etc.
Dr. Memoona Rauf Khan
PhD. Production Economics
Michigan State University, U.S.A
Dr. M. Mir
PhD: Engineering Management
Dr. Nadeem Ishaq Kureshi
PhD: Engineering Management.
Brig (R) Rafiuddin
MSc Engg in Digital systems with Distinction from University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield, England, UK
Microprocessor based design, computer architecture, digital systems and electronics
Prof. Abdul Qadeer Khan
ACA: Finance & Accounts.
Member of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan
Mr. Ali Moazzam
Punjab College of Business Administration
Marketing. (Formerly Retail Manager North Nokia Pakistan Pvt. Limited)
Prof. Asad Naveed
M.S: Electrical Management
King Fahad University of Petroleum, Saudi Arabia
Prof. Iftekhar Mahmood (Associate Chairman ECE)
MS System Engineering & MS Electrical Engineering
Boston University, USA
Mr. Nadeem Yousaf
MSc. Nuclear Engineering
C.N.S. Islamabad
High Performance & Power Efficient Uni-Processor & Multi- Processor Systems
Mr. Asrar Ashraf
MS Computer Engineering
CASE, Islamabad
Real Time System Design, Telecommunication & Computer Networks
Mr. Anjum Latif
MCS. (Computer Science)
NIIT, Islamabad
Databases, Windows/Linux Programming, CAD
Mr. Mansoor Shaukat
MSc. Electrical Engineering
NUST, Rawalpindi
Control System, Controller Design
Mr. Muhammad Raheel Bhutta
MSc. Computer Engineering
Griffith University, Australia.
VLSI System Design
Mr. Mian Jehanzeb
MSc. Wireless Communication Engineering
Brunel University, UK
Wireless Communication
Prof. Muhamad Umer
M.S: Engineering Management.
Mr. Salman M. Khan
MERIT: Information & Communication Technologies
Technical University of Catalonia (UPC), Spain
Microwaves, Fiber Optic Telecommunications, Photonics, Information Theory & Coding
Mr. Salman Manzoor
MSc (Tech) in Information Technology
University of Turku, Finland
Computer Networks, Network Security, Cryptography
Ms. Sadia Shakil
MS. Computer Engineering
CASE, Islamabad
Computer Architecture, Digital Signal Processing
Ms. Saman Riaz
MPhil. Mathematics
Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad
Numerical & Fluid Mechanics
Ms. Saima Riasat
MPhil. Mathematics (Applied Math’s)
Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad
Fractional Calculus, Quantum Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics, Differential Equation,Numerical Analysis,Linear Algebra.
Engr. Shahid Iqbal
M.S: Engineering Management.
Ms. Shagufta Umer
MS (Information Technology)
NUST, Islamabad
Semantic Matching, Semantic Interoperability in Healthcare, Database Schema heterogeneity Analysis, Clinical Decision Support System
Ms. Summayya Jamal
MSc. (Mathematics)
Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad
Mr. Moeen Ghiyas
MIT Information Technology
Virtual University, Rawalpindi
Electricity and Physics
Prof. Nadeem Shareef
MS Engineering Management
CASE, Islamabad
Mr. Muhammad Qaisar Shafi
MS Information Security
NUST, Rawalpindi
Wireless Sensor Networks and Network Security
Mr. Ghulam Hassan Shami
MS Information Technology
NUST-SEECS, Islamabad
Databases Design & Architecture, Database Technologies, Semantic Web Technology, Collaborative Ontology Engineering & Management, Query Processing & Optimization, Semantic Profiles & Resumes, User Profiles & Behaviors.
Mr. Adeel Shabbir
MS Information Security
Center for Advanced Studies in Engineering, Islamabad
Programming in C & C++ Languages and Computer Architecture
Mr. Sami Ullah Kashif
M.S Computer Science
Georgia Institute of Technology, US
Computer Vision
Mr. Wali Muhammad
M.Sc. Psychology
Government College, Lahore
Psychometric Testing, Organizational Behavior, Stress Management
Mr. Malik Najmus Siraj
MSc. Computer Engineering
CASE, Islamabad
Mr. Noor Ahmad
International Islamic University
Finance and Accounts
Ms Hamim Qadri
Masters in English Literature and Linguistics
NUML, Islamabad
Business Communication and Behavioral Skills
Malik Muhammad Saleem
M.A. TEFL (Teaching of English as a Foreign Language)
Mr. Muhammad Ishaq
M.S Computer Engineering
Center for Advanced Studies in Engineering (CASE), Islamabad
Mr. Muhammad Ali Masood
M. Phil in Computer Science
Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad (2013)
Mr. Syed Ali Jabir
M.S. Electrical Engineering (Digital Systems)
NUST, Islamabad
FPGA based Design, Digital Image and Signal Processing
Lab Engineers / Jr. Lecturers
  • Engr. Muhammad Ejaz
  • Engr. Atti Abbas Shah
  • Engr. Ali Syed
  • Engr. Sana Ata Qureshi
  • Engr. Muadh Jamal Solaija
  • Engr. Zil-e-Huma
  • Engr. Waqas Hassan
  • Engr. Hafiz Muhammad Ahmed
  • Engr. Waqas-ur-Rehman
  • Engr. Zain ul Hassan
  • Mr. Danish Hamid
  • Mr. Shehreyar Rashid Khan
  • Mr. Ali Javed Pirzada
  • Mr. Faheem Ullah
Adjunct Faculty
Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
  • Dr. Syed Ismail Shah
  • Dr. Aamer Iqbal Bhatti
  • Dr. Imtiaz A Taj
  • Dr. Amir Qayyum
  • Dr. Riaz Inayat
  • Dr. Mudassar Farooq
Department of Engineering Management
  • Dr. Ali Sajid
  • Dr. Rashid A Khan
  • Dr. Faheem ul Islam
  • Dr. Jamil Yousaf
  • Dr. Nawar Khan
  • Dr. Muhammad Zubair Khan
  • Dr. Amer Farhan Rafique
  • Dr. Usman Mustafa
  • Dr. Muhammad Tahir Nawaz
  • Gen (R). Salim ud Din Mian
  • Dr. Khawaja Hamood ur Rehman
  • Dr. Syed Waqar Azim
  • Dr. Muhammad Irfanullah Arfeen
  • Dr. Mujtaba Hassan Agha
  • Dr. Aamer Ahmed
  • Dr. Najam Akber Anjum
CASE Account @ Askari Bank has been shifted to 85-East, F- Block, Kamran Center, Blue Area, Islamabad

Doctoral Qualifying Examination (CE Program) Summer 2014 is schedule on Wednesday, 4th June 2014

CASE Spark - 2014

Skill Building Workshop - 2014

Time table - Prime Minister Technical Training Program

STEM society announces four new Industrial Projects for MS EM & MM Thesis Students

Under Graduate Time Table Spring 2014 has been announced

Graduate Time Table Spring 2014 has been announced

STEM First Industrial Interaction

Picture Gallery of First Interaction with Industry Through STEM

Launching STEM, Society of Technology and Engineering Management of Pakistan in EM Faculty at CASE

Graduate Profile Book 2013

News & Events

Skill Building Workshop -

CASE Spark - 2014

Open House was held on
12th June 2013

CASE has launched
CASE Programmers

CASE has successfully
launched Robosprint - 2013

CASE teams have qualified
for the final round of
Pakistan’s Entrepreneurship Extravaganza

CASE Final Year Project
‘Computer Numerical
Control’ (CNC) Machine
secured 2nd position in
Sentec Project Competition.

CASE has won 4 positions
in COMPPEC - 2012

CASE is affiliated with UET
Taxila. Therefore, all
admissions to CASE are
subject to UET approval
which is achieved at the
issuance of a roll number
from UET, Taxila. 

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