Federally Chartered Degree Awarding Institute Recognized by HEC

Sir Syed CASE Institute of Technology
Ph.D. Management

This PhD program at SS-CASE-IT is an extensive program that requires the student to exhibit outstanding research capabilities. The degree program specially focuses on research in the field of Management. The program is meant to address applied problems concerning management in local industry.The program is aimed to provide greater liaison between industry and academia through problem solving and research.The program also aims to address managerial issues hindering national industrial capability development.

Students aspiring to be researchers in this program must have exceptional research capabilities with strong academic and applied knowledge. The program ensures highest level of research outputs by enforcing exceptional quality measures at program milestones such as admission, course work completion, doctoral qualifying exam, proposal defense, final defense, publications fulfillment and various formal and informal reviews.


  1. Being PhD scholar at SS-CASE-IT, students have to fulfill additional requirements imposed by the department to meet various program tasks and milestones. Details of these additional requirements are available with the department office.
  2. PhD Admissions are offered subject to the availability of the supervisors in the desired area of research in the Department.

Eligibility Criteria

Four year Bachelors degree or equivalent and an MS/MPhil degree in Management or close by discipline (minimum 18 years of formal education). A minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 3.00/4.00 (or 70%) in the MS degree is required. All candidates must complete any other requirement from HEC and UET. Admissions in PhD program is granted after written test and oral interview. Final selection is made by Board of Advanced Studies at SS-CASE-IT.

Credit Hours Requirement
Category Credit Requirement
Core Courses 18
Elective Courses 0-12
(For a student to specialize in a particular area at least 6 credits have to be earned from selected Area of Specialization excluding courses taken as core)
Thesis/Dissertation 30 (Minimum)
Total Hours Required 48 (Minimum)
Typical courses offered in various specializations (But Not Limited To):
  • Manufacturing Management:
    • Supply Chain Management
    • Manufacturing Systems
    • Manufacturing Strategies
    • Production and Operations Management
    • Concurrent Engineering Management
    • Enterprise Resource Planning
    • Special Topics in Manufacturing Management (PhD Level Course)
    • Others…
  • Telecom Management:
    • Telecom Laws & Regulations
    • Telecom Business Management
    • Emerging Technologies in Telecom Sector
    • Program Management in Telecom Organizations
    • Special Topics in Telecom Management (PhD Level Course)
    • Others…
  • Information and Knowledge Management (Software Management):
    • Software Quality Management
    • Software Project Management
    • Data Warehousing
    • Data Mining
    • Knowledge Management
    • Management Information Systems
    • Special Topics in Software Management (PhD Level Course)
    • Others…
  • Construction Management:
    • Construction Management
    • Construction Technology (PhD Level Course)
    • Special Topics in Construction Management (PhD Level Course)
    • Others…
  • Quality Management:
    • Business Process Re-Engineering
    • Statistical Process Control
    • Quality Management for Project Managers
    • Quality Improvement in Technical Concerns
    • TQM
    • Organizational Excellence Through Quality Management
    • Design of Experiment (PhD Level Course)
    • Special Topics in Quality Management (PhD Level Course)
    • Others…
  • Financial Management
    • Cost Accounting
    • Finance for Technical Managers
    • Advanced Financial Management
    • Business Studies in Finance
    • Cost Benefit Analysis (PhD Level Course)
    • Financial Management for Project Managers
    • Introduction To Financial Management
    • Others…
  • HR Management
    • Human Resource Management for Project Managers
    • Performance Management
    • Conflict Management
    • Human Resource Management
    • Organization Development
    • Human Resource Management in Technological Concerns
    • Others…
  • Technology Management:
    • Technology and Entrepreneurship
    • Transfer of Technology
    • Technology Management
    • Special Topics in Technology Management (PhD Level Course)
    • Seminar in Technology, Governance and Globalization (PhD Level Course)
    • Seminar in Competitiveness and Technology (PhD Level Course)
    • Others…
  • Project Management:
    • Engineering Project Management
    • Contract Management
    • Program and Portfolio Management
    • Project Manager Competency Development
    • Management of Government Projects
    • Advanced Project Management
    • Project Management Maturity Model
    • Computer Applications in Project Management
    • Special Topics in Engineering Project Management (PhD Level Course)
    • Special Topics in Project Management (PhD Level Course)
    • Introduction to Global Project Management Standards
    • Others…
  • Engineering Management:
    • Productivity Engineering and Management
    • Engineering Laws and Contract Management
    • Problem Solving and Decision Making
    • Operations Management (Pre Requisite Course Only)
    • Engineering Economy (Pre Requisite Course Only)
    • Special Topics in Engineering Management (PhD Level Course)
    • Advanced Topics in Engineering Management (PhD Level Course)
  • Marketing:
    • Marketing of Products and Services
    • Consumer Relationship Management
    • Business Studies in Marketing
    • Special Topics in Marketing
    • Corporate Social Responsibility
    • Consumer Economics
  • Management:
    • Strategic Decision and Risk Management
    • Management of Technical Organizations and Practices
    • Dynamics of Professional Management
    • Managing Organizational Change in Technical Organizations
    • Professional Ethics
    • Business Communication
    • Organization Behavior (PhD Level Course)
    • Industrial Psychology (PhD Level Course)
    • Advanced Strategic Management (PhD Level Course)
    • Corporate Governance
    • Business & Commercial Law
    • Survey of International Standards
    • Business and Industrial Engineering Economics (PhD Level Course)
    • Leadership & Motivation
    • Advanced Topics in Management (PhD Level Course)
  • Other Doctorate Level Core Courses:
    • Quantitative and Qualitative Methods
    • Mathematical Modeling and Optimization
    • Technology, International Trade and Economic Development
    • Research Methodology for Engineering Managers
    • Research Methodology for Managers
    • Advanced Topics in Management
    • Industrial Psychology and Sociological Aspects In Technical Organizations
    • Business Communications For Technical Managers
    • Seminar in Technology, Governance and Globalization
    • Seminar in Competitiveness and Technology
    • Business and Industrial Engineering Economics
    • Advanced Strategic Management
    • Special Topics in Engineering Management
    • Advanced Topics in Engineering Management
    • Special Topics in Engineering Project Management
    • Special Topics in Project Management
    • Special Topics in Technology Management
    • Organization Behavior
    • Industrial Psychology
    • Risk Management
    • Design of Experiment
    • Report Writing
    • Special Topics in Quality Management
    • Special Topics in Telecom Management
    • Special Topics in Software Management
    • Special Topics in Manufacturing Management
    • Cost Benefit Analysis
    • Others…
Note: Students can take these courses subject to department guidelines issued every semester within time table.
In addition to the requirements of HEC and SS-CASE-IT (department of higher studies), students must cater to the following important rules for completion of their PhD degree:
  1. All students must complete full course work.
  2. Students with incomplete course work cannot register for research thesis and neither can they opt for research proposal defense.
  3. At max, student can appear two times for the PhD Proposal Defense, Final Defense and Pre Final Defense.Students are requested to email the department for the format of PhD Proposal Defense and the format of the presentation (Proposal, Pre Final and Final Defense). These documents are also available on SS-CASE-IT website in the “DOWNLOAD” section.
  4. Student must follow the DQE guidelines provided separately.
  5. All PhD students must maintain a CGPA of 3.5 throughout their PhD degree. It is important to note that students cannot register for research hours if their CGPA in their course work is < 3.5.
  1. Students receive necessary guidelines from department before and at the time of registration in each semester.
  2. PhD scholars must contact the academic department for understanding course work requirement of their PhD degree.
  3. The Department’s Boards may ask students to take additional elective courses in any degree.
  4. All thesis documents must undergo plagiarism check (TURNITIN based) as well as language check (preferably from an English language expert).
  5. Final copy of all thesis would be sent to convener of STEM society.
  6. All prior degrees must be from HEC recognized universities/institutions.
  7. SS-CASE-IT has the right to change eligibility criteria as and when required.
  8. Students (applying in various degree) having CGPA instead of percentage should provide equivalence/conversion certificate from their respective universities/institutions.
  9. Students are requested to confirm their maximum course work duration time and total degree time from the department.
*errors / omissions accepted