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Sir Syed CASE Institute of Technology
AOA All:
Thought I should be sharing the last good news with you all. We at CASE have also launched STEM. The society is the first EM and Technology Management body in Pakistan. I am thankful to Prof Umer who will convene this entire society proceedings. He has indeed put in a lot of time with me in figuring out what needs to be done in relation to society. I must also thank Mr Shami and his team for helping us generously. Without their support we could never do this. The society will perform following functions in Pakistan:
  1. The society will have distinct industrial linkages with the industry of Pakistan.
  2. The society will formulate guideline for national curriculum for undergrad, grad and post grad programs in the field of EM and related disciplines.
  3. Industry is given an option to submit a live problem to STEM. STEM will provide problem to students and faculty members for resolution.
  4. Activity Calendar of this society includes conferences, meetings and programs.
  5. The society will have distinct international linkages.
  6. We plan to have a small online journal in STEM.
  7. There is a section of Misc publications where students will be able to submit their general write-ups such peer reviews, blind reviews of books, case studies Etc.
  8. STEM will have membership and only selected people will be allowed to become members of this society. Memberships will have different types.
  9. Others.

At the end I wish you all Ramdan Mubarik. Please pray for us and also spread the message to as many people as you can.
Chairman EM
Dr. Ali Ahsan