Federally Chartered Degree Awarding Institute Recognized by HEC

Sir Syed CASE Institute of Technology
Master of Science Program in Software Engineering
Objectives of the Program

Pakistan is among the most preferred software outsourcing destination across the globe. The blooming software industry of Pakistan is providing quality services in terms of software codes and designs. MS Software Engineering program at SS-CASE-IT is designed while considering the current state of the art trends in the software industry. Our program encompasses all important aspects of software engineering, including: requirements engineering, software architecture and design, software construction, software testing and quality assurance, and software project management.

The faculty, headed by Dr. Amanullah Yasin, in this program is fully equipped with software engineering knowledge along with industrial and research experience. The present research and development projects at SS-CASE-IT are on Game Development, Hospital Management & Information Systems, Biomedical Diagnostic Tools, Decision Support Systems and Enterprise resource planning (ERP).

Learning Outcomes
  • We prepare the students for productive employment in the software industry or to pursue their higher studies in advanced research.
  • SS-CASE-IT has strong industrial linkage, CARE Pvt. Ltd., where students can work on their projects and thesis.
  • Graduates of this program can enter the work force planning, organizing, developing, managing and maintaining software systems.
  • Graduates of this program can undertake Managerial positions in different industries with solid competence on the principle of complexity and problem solving with the ability to interact in a big team environment.
  • Develop future entrepreneurs to create new companies with innovative ideas.
Core Courses:
Course No. Course Title
SE-5001 Software System Quality
SE-5002 Software System Requirements
SE-5003 Software System Architecture
SE-5004 Algorithms Design and Analysis
SE-6001 Advanced Software Technologies
*Students have to study all of these above mentioned core courses
Elective Courses:
Course No. Course Title
SE-5005 Software Project Management
SE-5006 Information Systems: Analysis and Design
SE-5007 Formal Methods in Software Engineering
SE-5008 Web Application Engineering
SE-5009 Network Programming
SE-5010 Digital Image Processing
SE-5011 Special Topics in Software Engineering
SE-5012 Human Computer Interaction
SE-5013 Wireless Networks
SE-5014 Multimedia System Communication
SE-5015 Advanced Database Systems
SE-5016 Data Authentication and Security
SE-5017 Embedded System Analysis Design
SE-5018 Management of QA & Software Testing
SE-5019 Computer Graphics and Multimedia
SE-5020 Mobile Application Development
SE-6002 Software Verification and Validation
SE-6003 Computer Vision
SE-6004 Artificial Intelligence and Software Agents
SE-6005 Agile Methods
SE-6006 Advance Programming Techniques
SE-6007 Data Miningand Analytics
SE-6008 ERP Systems
SE-6009 Project and Risk Management
SE-6010 Design Patterns
SE-6011 Data Warehousing
SE-6012 Advanced Operating Systems
SE-6013 Advance Computer Networks
SE-6014 Advanced Visual Programming
SE-6015 Software Metrics
SE-6016 Image and Video Processing
SE-6017 Speech and Audio Processing
SE-7001 Pattern Recognition
SE-7002 Artificial Neural Network
SE-7003 Research Methodology