Postgraduate Programs in Information Security
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Master of Science and PhD in Information Security program at CASE is in line with the hi-tech industry and modern information security requirements. Our society’s increasing involvement in information processing calls for a persistent development in the information security practices to protect against the challenges of modern age. The program focuses primarily on the technical and problem-solving skills associated with security implementation. It prepares students to make an immediate contribution to the workplace and become leaders in the industry.

Areas of Specialization:

Currently, the following area of specialization is being offered in Information Security:

  • Information Security
Minor Areas
Degree Requirements

Each student of information security has to select courses from this Area of Specialization (AOS). The courses of the remaining AOS of the ECE Department (including AOS of electrical engineering, computer engineering, and software engineering) will then become areas for Additional Graduate Hours (AGH). Student opting for any AOS also has a recommended list of AGH courses specified. However, students can also choose other courses too according to their interest in consultation with the academic advisors. A student has to select one Minor area and complete the entire Minor course work requirement from that area.

A student planning for a PhD is required to take Mathematics as a minor.

Master Degree Requirements:
Credit Hour Requirement M.S. Hours
Area of Specialization (AOS): From area of specialization of the degree program. 12
Additional Graduate Hours (AGH): Outside the area(s) of specialization and the minor area but within the department. 6
Minor hrs. 6
Thesis/Dissertation 6
Total Hours Required 30
Ph.D. Degree Requirements:
Credit Hour Requirement Ph.D. Hours PhD Hours Including MS
Area of Specialization (AOS): From the same degree program. 6 21-24
Outside the area of specialization and minor area but within the department 3 12-9
Mathematics hrs. (Minor) 3 9
Electives 6 0
Thesis/Dissertation 30 30
Total Hours Required 48 78

A sample list of courses from the area of specialization is given below:

Specialization – Information Security:

Students choosing Information Security as their AOS must take at least three courses marked with asterisk (*) from this sub area:

  • ECE 6617 Information & Coding Theory*
  • ECE 7901 Cryptography and Network Security*
  • ECE 6901 Computer Systems Security*
  • ECE 7902 Advanced Cryptography & Cryptanalysis*
  • ECE 6902 Information Security Strategies and Policies
  • ECE 7903 Cyber Forensic Analysis
  • ECE 7904 Digital Steganography & Watermarking
  • ECE 7905 Distributed Networks Security
  • ECE 8902 Formal Models & Methods of Information Assurance
  • ECE 8901 Advanced Topics in Information Security

Recommended AGH Courses:

Recommended AGH Courses for this specialization are given below:

  • ECE 8605 Advanced Computer Networks : (CE-Networks)
  • ECE 6810 Advanced Operating System : (CE-Networks)
  • ECE 7150 Algorithm Design and Analysis : (CE-DD&Arch)
  • ECE 6691 Parallel Processing: Architecture & Algorithms : (CE-DD&Arch)
  • ECE 7146 Reconfigurable Computing : (CE-DD&Arch)
  • ECE 6616 Distributed Computing Systems : (CE-DD&Arch)
  • ECE 7104 Cyber Crime, Ethics & Law : (Management)
  • ECE 6258 Digital Image Processing : (EE-DSP)
  • ECE 7674 Adhoc & Sensor Networks : (CE-Networks)
  • ECE 7148 Data Mining : (CE-DD&Arch)