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Academic Calender
Undergraduate(Bachelors) :

The Bachelor's degree program offered at CASE is spread over four calendar years. Each academic year consists of two regular teaching semesters, i.e. Fall and Spring; and an optional Summer semester. Summer semester is an accelerated one primarily for those students who want to repeat certain courses to makeup for their academic deficiencies or are motivated enough to develop expertise in specific technical/professional skills. The Semester timings are as follows:


Fall - 2014
  Description Deadline Remarks
Semester Registration Sep.01 to 05  
Application Submission Deadline:
1. Semester Leave
2. Need Based Financial Aid.
Classes Start 03-Sep-14  
Registration with late fee
1st Week
15 Sep. 2014
A late fee of Rs.500 will be charged.
Last date to Add a Course
1st Week
15 Sep. 2014
Course Drop with Full Tution Fee Refund
1st Week
15 Sep. 2014
No fee refund is possible after this date.
1st Sessional Exams
6th Week
13-17 Oct, 2014
Midterm Exams
8th Week
27-31 Oct, 2014
No classes of undergrad students.
Course Drop withithout "W" grade
9th Week
3-4 Nov, 2014
7 Nov, 2014
Public Holidays. (Ashura)
W grade will not show on transcript
Exam Re-Schedule Week
10th Week
10-14 Nov, 2014
All re-schedule exams will be conducted
2nd Sessional Exams
11th Week
17-21 Nov, 2014
Last Date to apply for "W" Grade
12th Week
28 Nov. 2014
"W" Grade will be shown on the transcript.
Last Day of Classes
16th Week
26 Dec, 2014
Final Examination Week
17th Week
25 Dec. 2015
29 Dec. to 3 Jan 2015
Public holiday (Qaid-e-Azam Day)
Exam Week

F= Fail
CASE has the right to change any or all the information provided without prior notice.