Federally Chartered Degree Awarding Institute Recognized by HEC

Sir Syed CASE Institute of Technology

Asia Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU) has been holding Robotics Contest under the name ROBOCON since 2002. University teams from several countries participate in this contest with their indigenously developed robots to accomplish a pre-defined task. Undoubtedly; ABU-ROBOCON is till date; the most prestigious arena of robotics in the world.

After 3 consecutive seasons of unprecedented success, CRG is now geared up to represent Pakistan in ROBOCON 2013. Winning ROBOCON 2013 is an extremely intricate task (keeping in view the standards set by countries like China, Japan and Vietnam). Winning at ROBOCON 2013 does not only require skills, knowledge and intellect but also a high-quality machine infrastructure. Such technological sophistication demands a lot of finances which cannot be provided by SS-CASE-IT in solitude.

Research and Development at university level has never been possible without the support of funding agencies at the public and private level. ICT R&D has been supporting this project since last two years when there funding has covered at least 50 % of the expenses incurred on the research and improvements in the project. We are thankful ti the esteemed organization for the support and look forward to have a strong relationship between the two institution by highlighting the positive contribution by ICT R&D Fund and realizing there dream of bridging Industry Academia gap.