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Message from the President CASE

CASE has come a long way since its inception in 2001. The vision and support of the trustees, the commitment of its faculty and staff, the adherence to standards of academic excellence, all have contributed immensely to the enviable reputation that CASE has come to enjoy today. For the last many years; our post graduate engineering and management programs have been the leading choices of scholars pursuing MS and PhD Degrees. It is for this reason that we run the largest post graduate engineering program in Pakistan. Like our graduate programs, the undergraduate programs at CASE have also become a benchmark for others to follow. They have gained immense reputation through achievements in many national and international level academic competitions.

We, at CASE, are very proud of our academic strengths, our achievements, our team and our campus environment. If you are looking for an institution that offers high academic standards, great quality education, ample extracurricular activities and a beautiful campus, CASE is the right choice for you. I wish you a very happy future and a long and successful life.

I am pleased to introduce the new CASE Information Technology Office (CITO). The department comprises a team of dedicated, highly skilled and enthusiastic professionals in their respective domains. CITO is responsible to provide all the services and facilities in the information technology era, to every student, staff member, faculty member and visitor.

I am fully confident that CITO will change your ordinary working style to the modern approach and bring you to the new world of information technology.


Mr. Muhammad Khalid Javed
President, CASE


Block A, Multi Garden, Sector B-17, Islamabad, Pakistan.