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We facilitates the use of information technology services by providing software solutions as well as hardware solutions including application design and architecture, network design and configuration, high speed internet provision, multimedia solutions, and testing services.


Software Development

Dedicated team of MIS department provides a high level of professionalism embedded in the management information system to CASE and to other organizations as well. CASE MIS is a generic, dynamic and a very comprehensive solution for any institute and automates every long time manual process, just in seconds.


Creative Arts and Graphics Designing

A small picture always display the thousand words story. A designer's work could be viewed by thousands of people every day. CITO designers design and creates the layout and graphics for user interfaces which plays a key role in the development of softwares. CITO designers are responsible for developing the styles, designing attractive graphics, images and other visual elements. All of this is due to brilliant professional skills in computer graphics, graphic design and computer and web technology possessed by the CITO designers.


Network Management

CITO give the enabling computational technology to the personnel of the whole operational units of the University and supports every computing, networking systems and services at their request, with in no time for the efficient and quality output for the university.


Research and Development- R & D

CITO Professionals is a group of professionals having a vision and desire to explore and enhance the state of the art technologies in different areas of computing research. The group comprises of the dedicated goal oriented research personnel who are working under supervision of Mr. Usman Riaz, Senior Manager, CITO. The Group has initiated different research projects in the area information security, and Distributed Computing.


Equipment Repair & Maintenance

ERM is the section of the CITO that provides all necessary services for IT, especially in troubleshooting of systems, high-speed network connectivity and management information system support. The Equipment Repair and Maintenance team provide support to staff, faculty and students.


Block A, Multi Garden, Sector B-17, Islamabad, Pakistan.