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Case Study Competition

The Case Study Competition as a part of “CASE-Spark” 2012 will test students’ abilities to utilize the knowledge gained through their course work and apply it to a business case that involves business strategy and decision making process. Teams will be judged based upon the quality of their analysis, the quality of their recommendations, and the professionalism of their delivery.

Eligibility, Team Size, and Registration

The competition is for students
Enrolled in 4th semester and beyond in BBA.
MBA’s are an exception to the above condition.
The presenting team should include two students.
Note: Schools may submit an unlimited number of entries, but typically, only one or two teams per school will be invited to compete. In case of multiple entries from the same university, we will choose the team(s) to represent that university.

Competition Cases

The case studies for the competition will be selected from the case study library of the CASE Business School. A copy for each member of the competing teams will be provided along with additional cover page providing supplemental case information.
Copyright rules apply.

Competition Format
  1. Five (5) working days prior to the competition (Mention Date and closing time), each team will provide full description of team lead and team members on following address; or
  2. On both days the case discussions will be carried out in a round table format. The session will be run by an interlocutor(s) and the panel of judges will be at hand to mark the level of participation of each team and their discussants.
  3. 3. On the first day there will be a preliminary round, from which ten (10) teams will be shortlisted; this round will last for one and a half hour. Immediately after the judges will debrief all teams on what went right and what went wrong, so that all teams are ready for the main round the next day.