Department of Computer Science

Bachelor of Science in Artificial Intelligence

Study Plan for BS(Artificial Intelligence)

Semester - I
Code Title Credit Hours Pre‐Requisite
AI1501 Introduction to Information and Communication Technologies2Freshman Standing
AI1501L Introduction to Information and Communication Technologies Lab1Freshman Standing
AI1001 Programming Fundamentals3Freshman Standing
AI1001 L Programming Fundamentals Lab1Freshman Standing
SC1001 Calculus & Analytic Geometry3Freshman Standing
SC1201 Applied Sciences 3Freshman Standing
HU1002 English Composition & Comprehension3Freshman Standing
SC1201 Applied Sciences 3Freshman Standing
HU1002 English Composition & Comprehension3Freshman Standing
Total 16
Semester - II
Code Title Credit Hours Pre‐Requisite
AI1003 Data Structures & Algorithms3ProgrammingFundamentals (AI1001)
AI1003 L Data Structures & Algorithms Lab 1ProgrammingFundamentals (AI1001)
AI1502 Digital Logic Design3Freshman Standing
AI 1502 L Digital Logic Design Lab 1Freshman Standing
SC1005 Linear Algebra3Junior Standing
SC1004 Probability & Statistics3Calculus & Analytic Geometry (SC1001)
HU1003 Communication & Presentation Skills3Freshman Standing
Total 17
Semester - III
Code Title Credit Hours Pre‐Requisite
AI2004 Object Oriented Programming3ProgrammingFundamentals (AI1001)
AI2004 L Object Oriented Programming Lab 1ProgrammingFundamentals (AI1001)
AI2007 AI Elec 1 (Ex: Advance Statistics)3Probability & Statistics(SC2004)
AI 2303 Artificial Intelligence3Data Structures & Algorithms(AI2003)
AI 2303 L Artificial Intelligence Lab1Data Structures & Algorithms(AI2003)
AI2301 Discrete Structures3Sophomore Standing
AI2201 Database Systems3Data Structures & Algorithms(AI2003)
AI2201 L Database Systems Lab1Data Structures & Algorithms(AI2003)
Total 18
Semester - IV
Code Title Credit Hours Pre‐Requisite
AI 2202 Machine Learning3Artificial Intelligence(AI 2303)
AI 2202 L Machine Learning Lab 1Artificial Intelligence(AI 2303)
AI 2503 Computer Org. & Assembly Language3Sophomore Standing
AI 2503 L Computer Org. & Assembly Language Lab 1Sophomore Standing
AI 2101 Software Engineering3Sophomore Standing
AI2504 Differential Equations3Calculus & Analytic Geometry (SC1001)
AI 2203 Knowledge Representation & Reasoning3Artificial Intelligence(AI 2303)
Total 17
Semester - V
Code Title Credit Hours Pre‐Requisite
AI 3504 Operating System3Data Structures & Algorithms(AI2003)
AI 3504 Operating System Lab 1Data Structures & Algorithms(AI2003)
AI 3204 Artificial Neural Networks2Artificial Intelligence(AI 2303)
AI 3204 L Artificial Neural Networks Lab 1Artificial Intelligence(AI 2303)
AI 3005 Analysis of Algorithms3Data Structures & Algorithms(AI2003)
UnivElec 1 (Ex: Economy Related)3As per specific course
AI 3008 AI Elective 2 (Ex: Theory of Automata)/Web Engineering 3As per specific course
HU 3102 Pakistan Studies2Sophomore Standing
Total 18
Semester - VI
Code Title Credit Hours Pre‐Requisite
HU 3101 Islamic Studies/ Ethics2Sophomore Standing
AI 3206 Computing Vision2Artificial Neural Networks(AI 5204)
AI 3206 L Computing Vision Lab1Artificial Neural Networks(AI 5204)
AI 3401 Computer Networks3Object Oriented Programming (AI 2004)
AI 3401 L Computer Networks Lab 1Object Oriented Programming (AI 2004)
AI 3207 AI Elec 3 (Ex: Data Mining)2Database Systems (AI 2201)
AI 3207 L AI Elec 3 (Ex: Data Mining) Lab 1Database Systems (AI 2201)
AI 3208 AI Elec 4 (Ex: Deep Learning)3Artificial Neural Networks(AI 5204)
AI 3205 Natural Language Processing3Artificial Neural Networks(AI 5204)
Total 18
Semester - VII
Code Title Credit Hours Pre‐Requisite
AI4111 Final Year Project- I2Senior Standing
AI 4406 Information Security3Senior Standing
UnivElec 2 (Ex: Management Rel.)3As per specific course
HU 4004 Technical & Business Writing3Senior Standing
AI 4405 Parallel & Distributed Computing/ Cloud 2Operating System(AI 2504)
AI 4405 L Parallel & Distributed Computing/ Cloud1Operating System(AI 2504)
Total 14
Semester - VIII
Code Title Credit Hours Pre‐Requisite
AI4112 Final Year Project- II4Final Year Project- I(AI 4111)
UnivElec 3 (Ex: Management Rel.)3As per specific course
HU 4005 Professional Practices3Senior Standing
Univ Elective 4 (Ex: Management Rel.)3As per specific course
Total 13
Artificial intelligence elective courses (Must be any four courses or 12 credit hours)

Code Title Pre-Requisite
AI2007 Advance StatisticsProbability & Statistics(SC2004)
AI 2008 Theory of Automata & Formal LanguagesDiscrete Structures(AI 2301)
AI 3008 Web EngineeringProgramming Fundamentals (AI 1001)
AI 3207 Data MiningAdvance Statistics(AI2007)
AI 3208 Deep LearningArtificial Neural Networks(AI 5204)
AI 3209 Speech ProcessingArtificial Neural Networks(AI 5204)
AI 3210 Reinforcements LearningMachine Learning(AI 5202)
AI 3211 Fuzzy SystemsArtificial Intelligence(AI 2303)
AI 3212 Evolutionary ComputingArtificial Intelligence(AI 2303)
AI 3213 Swarm IntelligenceArtificial Intelligence(AI 2303)
AI 3214 Agent Based ModelingArtificial Intelligence(AI 2303)
AI 3215 Knowledge Based SystemsArtificial Intelligence(AI 2303)
University Electives (Select any 4 Courses from the following List)

Code Title
MS3801 Entrepreneurship&Technology
MS3802 QualityImprovementToolsandMethods
MS3803 Leadership&TeamManagement
MS3804 TotalQualityManagement
MS3805 ProjectSchedulingandCosting
MS3806 ProductionandOperationManagement
MS3808 HumanResourceManagement
MS3809 Marketing
MS3810 Economics
MS3811 QualityControlandEngineeringStandards
MS3812 QualityAssuranceandManagementSystems
MS3813 QualityImprovementToolsandMethods
HU3201 Psychology
HU3202 LifeScience
HU3203 Philosophy
MS3820 FinancialAccounting
MS3821 FinancialManagement