CASE is a project of EET. The trust sets the strategic directions for CASE. The CASE Senate is the governing body of the institute. It strives to further the academic mission and integrity of the institute as a community of scholars and professionals dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge. The Senate acts as a whole, or in committees, to address a wide range of academic and administrative issues. The Senate approves all the rules and regulations of CASE. It plays an important role in shaping the institute and seeks to preserve and enrich CASE as a thriving academic institution.

Engineering Education Trust

CASE (Center for Advanced Studies in Engineering) is a project of Engineering Education Trust (EET).

In May 2001, a group of highly qualified Engineers, returned from abroad after completing PhD degrees from United States of America, joined hands to repay their nation by imparting higher education in Pakistan, with specific focus on engineering education. Main idea was to bridge the widening gap in technological know-how between developed and developing countries. By bringing together proven experts, highly skilled professionals and intelligent, enthusiastic learners on one platform. To realize the dream EET was established as a not-for-profit public charitable organization. Since its inseption, EET has been aiming towards dissemination of advanced knowledge in engineering disciplines and information technology. EET believes in investment in human minds. Through human resource development and enhancement of technological prowess of the nation, EET is striving to usher in a new era of progress and prosperity.

EET aims to harness the talents of students like you, to channelize that talent towards achieving a higher standard of excellence in advanced studies in engineering and information technology. Keeping this aim in mind, Center for Advanced Studies in Engineering or CASE was established for provision of Graduate(Masters) and Ph.D. degrees in several different areas of engineering and information technology. With the help of highly qualified faculty and talented students like you, we hope to make CASE a center of excellence.

Due to overwhelming demand of students and industry professionals, a department of Engineering Management was established in Fall 2002 with Dr. Ali Sajid as department chairman. In this semester, 192 students got registration in computer engineering and 41 students in engineering management. In the Spring 2003 semester, CASE’s first student competed his M.Sc. computer engineering. In this semester, 243 students got registration in computer engineering and 107 in engineering management. The student body increased rapidly during this period, approaching 500+ students. In Summer 2003 semester CASE moved to its current location at Sir Syed Memorial Building, 19-Attaturk Avenue, G-5/1, Islamabad. In this semester, 271 students in computer engineering and 187 students in engineering management were enrolled. In Fall 2003, 377 students got registered in the computer engineering and 267 students in engineering management. In Spring 2004, 327 students were registered in computer engineering and 233 students in engineering management. The astonishing growth of students in both departments shows that the faculty has done its best to deliver quality education to engineers and information technology experts, who now form the core of the technical workforce of the country.

Board of Trustees

  • Dr. Farrukh Kamran
  • Dr. Shoab A. Khan
  • Dr. Saeed-Ur-Rehman

The board of trustees crafts strategic vision for CASE and helps the administration in striding towards the long term objectives of the institution.

Senior Administration

President CASE: Mr. Muhammad Khalid Javed
The functional head of the institute is the president who manages day-to-day affairs at CASE in accordance with the policies established by the senate.

Acting Registrar: Saleem A. Khan
Registrar is mainly responsible for the general administration and conducting admissions, registration and examination. He plans, organizes and coordinates various units and divisions of CASE.

Chairman Electrical and Computer Engineering: Dr. Abdul Khaliq
Chairman Engineering Management: Dr. Ali Ahsan
Chairman Computer Science: Dr. Shafaat Ahmed Bazaz
Chairmen mostly deal with the academic issues and are responsible for the effective and efficient operation of their respective departments.

Director CASE Business School: Ch. Fazal-e-Muqeem

Organizational Units
Following are the organizational units at CASE other than academic departments:
  1. Departmental Board of Studies (BoS)
  2. Departmental Board of Advance Studies and Research (BASAR)
  3. Registrar Office
  4. Operations Management Department
  5. Strategic Affairs Department
  6. Professional Development Centre
  7. Exam Cell
  8. Student Affairs Office
  9. Higher Studies Office
  10. Accounts Office
  11. Administration Office
  12. IT Office
  13. Media Office
  14. Human Resource Management Office
  15. Electronics Labs
  16. Electrical Engineering Simulation Lab
  17. Digital Design Lab
  18. Computer Labs
  19. Electromechanical Lab
  20. External liaison Office
  21. HEC Alignment Center
  22. Library
  23. R & D Centers
  24. Professional Development Center
University Relations

CASE is actively pursuing collaboration in Undergraduate(Bachelors), Graduate(Masters) and Post Graduate(Doctorial) programs with several leading foreign universities. Most recently, Professors from C.T. Bauer College of Business, University of Houston Texas visited CASE in July 2004. Possible collaboration in the areas of Graduate(Masters) and Doctoral level teaching, curriculum development and research related activities were discussed.