CASE: Center For Advanced Studies In Engineering

Welcome to CASE

Welcome to Center for Advanced Studies in Engineering (CASE), a project of Engineering Education Trust (EET). CASE is affiliated with University of Engineering and Technology Taxila and offers degrees in the disciplines of ‘Computer Engineering’, ‘Electrical Engineering’, ‘Software Engineering’, ‘Information Security’, ‘Engineering Management’, ‘Management’, ‘Business Administration’ and ‘Computer Science’.

With new technologies and businesses emerging at a faster pace, the gap between the developing and the developed nations of the world continues to widen at an alarming rate. CASE, right from its inception, has been working to promote human resource development for bridging this cleft. By providing Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate level education, CASE aims to address the industrial and business needs of the country. Degree programs at CASE are unique. Every program strongly focuses on R & D, quality education and ensures that gap between academia and industry is well bridged.

CASE is a radiant example of possible success that results from honesty, integrity, dedication, hard-work and purity of cause. The output of CASE over the last few years substantiate that this institution has continued its steady growth by genuinely focusing on its superior philosophy, high quality education and research and development. Today! CASE has one of the largest enrollments of post-graduate students in the country.


News & Events

Skill Building Workshop - 2014

We consider this to be our honor and CASE Business School hopes to present to our schools a refurbished Skill Building Workshop 2014. This time the extravaganza is a two day affair.

CASE Spark - 2015

We at CASE and the Business School are of the firm faith that the economy will only grow if the youth puts its energy into it.

CASE is affiliated with UET Taxila

All admissions to CASE are subject to UET approval which is achieved at the issuance of a roll number from UET, Taxila.

CASE Programmers Group

The group: CPG plays a vital role in the education of its students without the restriction of specific programming languages.